It's Our Birthday & We're Giving You a Present!

By • August 5, 2014 • 460 Comments

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It’s our birthday! One year ago, we launched our Provisions shop. Today we're celebrating -- to celebrate with us, tell us in the comments by Monday, August 11th at 5PM EST what product from Provisions you'd want for your birthday. One lucky winner will get his or her pick!

Update: Congratulations to our winner: Betty Liu! We can't wait to see all the birthday cakes you serve on your new gold-rimmed plates!

How we eat has never stopped with the food we're cooking. It's always gone beyond that -- to the pots we cook in, the platters we serve on, and the linen napkins we set the table with. That's why, for years, we've been collecting and sourcing gorgeous dishes to use in our own office and home kitchens. But we always wished for a shop that carried similar pieces -- a place to find a perfect housewarming gift, or a top-quality vinegar, or a durable vintage copper pot. A place with both functional, best-of-the-best cooking tools and accessories for our home.

And so we launched Provisions -- one year ago tomorrow -- and now our baby is turning one. To celebrate, we’re throwing a party. Here’s how we do birthdays, Food52-style:

1. Start with cake. Always, in life, start with cake. We’re thinking big, so we made 7 cakes, including strawberry-mousse, vanilla buttercream, and dark chocolate. We went all out, but if you aren’t confident in your cake-decorating skills, just use a cake banner or cake toppers -- they’ll make any dessert look festive with little effort.

More: We like options. Here are 11 more ways to start with cake.


2. Champagne is a must. Don’t save the bubbly for New Year’s Eve. Exciting drinks like sparkling wine or fun cocktails make a party better (actually, they make every day better). If you want to really get wild, buy a sword and learn to saber your Champagne


3. Decorate! We strung up this Happy Birthday banner on the wall, lit some candles in luminary bags, and threw around some confetti. Because YOLO.


4. Wrap up a gift in pretty paper and twine, and write a card (preferably a quirky letterpress one). If you’re giving something oddly-shaped and hard to wrap (like a bottle of wine), tie a patterned cotton tea towel around it (two gifts in one!).


And while we’re on the topic of presents, we’d like to give you one! Tell us in the comments by Monday, August 11th at 5PM EST what Provisions product you’d like to get for your birthday and why. We’ll pick one winner and give you your pick! 

Photos by James Ransom

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Comments (460)


6 months ago lynda

hbd! the vitamix for my parents' september birthdays (:


6 months ago kfles

I think I'd have to say the canner & stock pot because learning how to can is my next big kitchen project! Felicidades!


6 months ago Christina @ Christina's Cucina

I'd be over the moon with the White Handled Italian Kitchen paring knife! Reminds me of my Nonna's in Italy! :(


6 months ago Shannon Dunn

Happy, Happy Birthday, Provisions!!!! The product that would absolutely fill my heart with joy is the beautiful MZ Wallace Farmer's Market Tote! Two weeks ago, my love and I took our six month old baby, Lili Sophia, to our local Farmer's Market for the very first time . . . It was wonderful! We purchased sugar plums and fairy tale eggplant and feasted on the most amazing cider donuts. And to be gifted with such an exquisitely designed tote (which could also double as a diaper bag!) would make every trip back with Lili just as memorable.


6 months ago Emily G

OK, so, I have had this post pinned as a tab since it was published, because every single day I have been looking through Provisions. This is a really wonderful giveaway for your readers! Happy birthday! Food52 is my absolute favorite food website and I've learned so much from you all.

My pick would be the Iconic Cookbook Set. I am just settling in to my first real apartment without roommates (save my significant other), and our new place comes complete with an adorable hutch to house & show off cookbooks! (Well, I think it's for cookbooks, anyway.) I would love, LOVE to be able to showcase these books in my new home, and put them to good use for our upcoming housewarming dinner party. I'm going to stop rambling and cross all my fingers that these beautiful books will find their way to my cookbook nook. Again, many happy returns of the year (!) and thanks so much for all you do for your readers.


6 months ago Natalie

I think the perfect birthday gift is a Pillivuyt cake stand complete with a homemade cake!


6 months ago crazyasitsounds

I'd love to have one of the reusable metal filters for my Chemex!


6 months ago Carol Taylor

The VitaMix is my dream. I need one for health reasons because the one I have now just won't do the work. I find so many great items at Food52. Happy Birthday Food 52.


6 months ago Anne

The glass teapot!


6 months ago Leigh

Wow, a gift for someone else on your birthday is such a warmhearted hug! In that spirit I'd share my birthday gift by cooking up a MASS FEAST OF A PARTY - candle- and lantern-lit under the stars - using the Iconic Cookbook Set. Let it be the first of many memory-worth dinner parties culminating in dirty tablecloths, spilled wine, licked fingers, and the heartfelt togetherness of family and friends. Photographed and shared back with my Food52 family of course!


6 months ago Heather

Happy Birthday! The Blue Peacock napkins & those oatmeal colored bowls, too cute!!


6 months ago rhfjr

The VitaMix of course.


6 months ago Beckie

I like to stir things up. The VitaMix is my choice.


6 months ago usacecil

Ooooo, I have always wanted a VitaMix, even if it is not my birthday!


6 months ago Dara

Bon Anniversaire, Provisions! Thank you for being such a delightful place to revel in all things culinary. Given the choice of a birthday treat, I think the Iconic Cookbook Set would suit me perfectly--think of all the recipes and techniques I could continue to perfect! And of course, they'd look incredible just sitting on my shelf. À votre santé!


6 months ago cookinginvictoria

Happy birthday, Provisions! Congrats to Posie and the rest of the Food52 team on a banner year. My number one wish is for you all to ship to Canada! Hopefully, that is still in the works? My gift pick would be the porcelain colander. I love how it is so functional (hooks onto the sink) yet has a lovely vintage look. It reminds me of the one that my grandmother used in her own kitchen. :)


6 months ago Posie Harwood

Posie is the Provisions Editor at Food52.

Shipping to Canada is on our wish list for next year!!!! Thanks for being part of the year with us!


6 months ago Michelle Zielinski

Happy Birthday! love the brooklyn cheese board


6 months ago Jessie

My birthday is actually this Thursday, August 14! Happy birthday to both of us! My cookbook collection is slowly growing, but I don't own any of the books in the absolutely gorgeous Iconic Cookbook Set . . . so I would pick that :D It would look sooo lovely in my own kitchen, which I don't yet have but my SO and I are looking forward to. We plan to have a pig motif. (And lots of cookbooks.)


6 months ago Laura

Happy birthday! What a difficult decision...the entire store is full of such amazing products. But after careful consideration, I think if I pick one item to potentially win, it would be the R. Murphy reclaimed wood carbon steel knives. They are just gorgeous and good knives are indispensable in the kitchen.


6 months ago Corina

Happy birthday #1 - and may you have many more! Has it really been just a year? How did we live before Provisions?
I adore the batter bowl - it is gorgeous and functional. And inspiring! I have been imagining the delicious pancakes and quiches and cakes that we could make together ... maybe even attempt that cold Polish blackberry soup an ex used to make!


6 months ago EmFraiche

Happy birthday! I'd pick the Pie for Two Mini Pie Plate. =)


6 months ago panapiko

Impossible to choose! Picnic basket, if I must :-)


6 months ago jlyn

Happy birthday! I love the gold whisk necklace because you never know when you might need to whip a little something


6 months ago lizziebeth

... HBDay! look forward to your emails and all the goodies - personally, the Picnic Basket would be my choice!


6 months ago sollared

I'd totally go for that hibachi grill


6 months ago Stephanie Lai

Loving that Pillivuyt footed cake platter!


6 months ago kad

I'd have to go with the Vitamix!


6 months ago Anthea

♪♫ Happy Birthday ♫♪
I would love the Ants Marching napkins. My father-in-law, who passed away two years ago, used to call me Ant. The napkins made me smile.


6 months ago carly

Happy Birthday! I absolutely adore your Turkish Cotton Beach towels! They are the best :-)


6 months ago Butter Basil and Breadcrumbs

Happy Birthday!! I love the pie box with the leather strap!


6 months ago Viola

Happy Birthday Provisions, and many more to come! I would LOVE the Cast Iron Drop Biscuit Pan for my birthday - because I have never seen anything like it! Would make me want to bake every single day...


6 months ago Donna King Rosser

Oh -- that copper stew pan would be great for fall!


6 months ago Jenny Sanders

I would choose the VitaMix Professional Blender. My husband had a heart attack at the early age of 47 earlier this summer. Ever since, I have been on a crusade to change what we eat, how it's prepared, and portions thereof. I found Food 52 at that time and have used the recipes here as inspiration. Thank you so much for being here when my sweet family needed big life changes! (BTW he's lost 17 pounds so far and has loved the dishes I've been serving him).


6 months ago Debbie McCarrick

Would love the "Vintage Copper Fish Kettle", I prepare fish often and it would be an amazing addition to my kitchen and one I could not readily buy for myself! Love the recipes I have tried from Food 52!!!!


6 months ago Cheuk

The set of 3 R. Murphy Reclaimed Wood Carbon Strel Knives would be a great addition to my new kitchen when I move across state for the first time in my life, the all quinssential for an obsessive-compulsive cook like me. And happy birthday!


6 months ago Samantha

Congratulations on celebrating birthday number one. The set of 4 Glass Tumblers would be my wish. I've looked around for the perfect cocktail glass and I keep coming back to these!


6 months ago Anne Taylor Davis

Happy First's to many more! Frog Hollow stone fruit...peaches, nectarines, eat immediately, then preserve the rest for sweet memories of summer and Food 52.


6 months ago sfielding

Happy bday! And here's to many more. I would love the Blue Celadon Porcelain Pitcher. Aside from being gorgeous it reminds me of my great-grandmother. I don't have a pitcher and would love something beautiful to pull out when guests come over.


6 months ago Sonia Eva Tannlund

MZ Wallace Market Tote - fell head over heels when it made its debut. I shop weekly at my local markets, lugging my reusable grocery bags. I can't tell you how many strollers I've numbed or how many kids I've unwittingly bumped in the head with my awkward luggage. The MZ Tote and I were made for each other!


6 months ago Jazmin Lui

Happy birthday food52! I would love the Walnut cutting board with handle...I don't have a proper wooden cutting board and I'm dying to make the switch from plastic. It looks like a lovely cutting board I could use in my new apartment :)


6 months ago christina purvis

Happy Birthday! I have been drooling over a couple of items in your shop, but I especially like the Eden gratin dishes. I would love to use these for thanksgiving and other family celebrations.


6 months ago crazyblues

VITA MIX!!!!!! and happy birthday. y'all are my fave, and the best food cooking baking source online. Ever.


6 months ago crazyblues

oh, and WHY? …because the vitamix is also my fave... and when i moved back from far away I couldn't put it in my suitcase.


6 months ago Donna DeSanto

If I could have the vintage VitaMix with the stainless steel carafe back I would in a heartbeat. My husband turned it on forgetting he'd placed a spoon in it. They're both exes now, the VitaMix for the obvious reasons and the husband because, well , that's life. I've never had the resources to replace it. The ViaMix professional series 750 is the stuff of my birthday dreams.


6 months ago jacqueline prajza

Happy Birthday Provisions! How I love your pretty things. If I could pick just one thing it would be that delicious Japanese soft cotton blanket. A wonderful reminder of your fabulous website and my halcyon days living in Tokyo. A beautiful heirloom to pass along to my daughters, both of whom grew from girls to young women in that amazing country...and incidentally are both food lovers and followers of your website. Happy Days!


6 months ago Van Huynh

Hello Food52. Happy Birthday!
I would like to have the MZ Wallace + Food53 Navy Tote please. It would be perfect to use without wasting plastic bags.
Thank you and happy birthday again! :]


6 months ago jane.coombs88

Vegan Kim Chee paste, looks good.


6 months ago Mayra Puktianie

Nothing better than having beautiful sharp knives! I'd I I Would love to own The White-Handled Italian Kitchen Knives!


6 months ago Alex Nirenberg

Happy birthday!
I would love to win the Hand-Printed Compostable Bamboo Plates for my birthday, which is a month from now :)


6 months ago Lindsay

The Mosser glass mixing bowls are beautiful!


6 months ago Karen VanD

Happy Birthday Food52! I live in Napa, CA and would love the pewter wine bucket! It is beautiful and would grace my table for many years to come.


6 months ago Melissa Vargas

Happy BDay!
I love the sigle temperature steak probe


6 months ago Jr0717

I hope the editors at Food52 have a wonderful time celebrating Provisions' birthday - here's to a happy one! The Brooklyn Subway Collection prints are fantastic, and remind me of my roots, and my family. Isn't celebrating a birthday all about enjoying where we came from and what new and exciting things lie ahead?


6 months ago SilviaV

Happy birthday! I'd love the Original Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper with Purple and Red Non-GMO Popcorn.


6 months ago sabrina

Happy Birthday! The cheese knives (set of 3) in a travel pouch would be absolutely lovely.


6 months ago Kimberly Johnston

I've wanted to make shokupan for a couple of years, but I didn't have a "Pullman loaf set from King Arthur flour."


6 months ago karen b

there's a lot of pretty stuff in there, but I'd probably wish for the pretty cake stand (uh, officially known as Pillivuyt Patisserie Footed Cake Platter it seems). a cake stand is one of those things i've always wanted but have been too practical to buy... i mean, we can use a plate to hold a cake. it would look so much fancier on there, though!


6 months ago Heather

Happy birthday! I would love the MZ Wallace + Food52 Navy Market Tote! We live down the street from the market and usually walk; this would be perfect to carry our food home in. Thank you!


6 months ago Brooke Raymond

The everyday steak knives are way overdue for our household. :)


6 months ago Beysh

Do I dare to eat a peach? :-)


6 months ago Michaela

The Noaway Countertop Walnut Compost Bin! It's so beautiful


6 months ago Hilary

I'm loving the white handled italian kitchen knives!


6 months ago Liz

I love that copper stew pot!


6 months ago Krista Greer Cinato

Walnut cutting board with handle ;) Happy Birthday!!


6 months ago anne kralyevich

the MZ market tote is to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6 months ago Tierney

The White Handled Italian Kitchen Knives (all!)


6 months ago Nina

Decision, decisions! This is tough trying to pick what you want vs need vs what you already have vs what you have space for (NYC kitchens are small) but I think the Handblown Glass Drink Dispenser is what I'd like. I've been making so many homemade beverages that would be a lovely thing to put them in :)


6 months ago Beth Chaplin

Would definitely want Perceval 8" chef's knife. As much as I would love a whole set of fine cutlery, I can't afford it, and this knife would be simply amazing!


6 months ago Amelia

The cocktail shaker set is awesome. Love the site and recipes.


6 months ago Sydney Moon

I love the jadeite cake plate! I collect jadeite and one of my favorite pieces is a salt and pepper shaker set. It would be so nice to add to the collection!


6 months ago Sheila

So many awesome "provisions to choose from - and it's a tie. I can't decide between the VitaMix Professional Series 750 Blender (which I have been wishing and hoping for) and the MZ Wallace + Food52 Navy Market Tote (which would be great for trips to our State Farmers Market and the fact that you donate $50 for each one purchased to the Edible Schoolyard Project and the Founding Edible Schoolyards).


6 months ago Teri green

Happy Birthday! The spice rack with erasable labels would be great!


6 months ago ErinC

Happy b-day! I would love the Mosser Glass Mixing Bowls in Jadeite--something sort of both practical and frivolous in one purchase. I think they'd make baking just a little bit sweeter everytime I pulled them out!!!


6 months ago KarenL

its all sooooo good. maybe the spice rack with erasable labels would be fun.


6 months ago Ally

I'd love to have the cocktail syrups and shaker gift set. I'm building a living room cocktail cart and think these would be the perfect addition- stylish and delicious.


6 months ago alcie

A Vitamix Blender!! Then I could grind my own flours...


6 months ago Hannah Robie

Provisions is the place I take a stroll when in between particularly long stretches of writing at a computer, the place where the broke-but-kitchen-ambitious can live out our fantasies. I would be overjoyed to own the White-handled Italian Chef's knife!


6 months ago Mackie's Mama

Congratulations! I would feel very chic to have the World Salt Tower to try. Exciting - fingers crossed!


6 months ago Jennifer Kleinow

Happy Birthday! The iconic cookbooks! Yay!


6 months ago Katie Dohmen

Happy Birthday! The Porcelain Ribbed Tumblers would be perfect filled with iced tea with a lemon wedge on the side!


6 months ago Heather Goesch

So many things, but I think I'll go with the Handblown Lightweight Tumblers (Set of 6). My husband recently implemented "Cocktail Saturday," and we need something more appropriate for sipping than our water glasses.


6 months ago Sarah Fischbach

The copper stew pan. I couldn't ask for anything more beautiful to sit on my stove everyday.


6 months ago Jody C.

Happy birthday! I would LOVE the R. Murphy Reclaimed Wood Carbon Steel Knives set of three in pecan. I have such dull knives that need to be replaced.


6 months ago Megan Trombino

WOW! 1 year old already! Congrats! I'd be over the moon for the "Vintage Copper Pudding Cup Moulds". When I say over the moon I mean screaming and jumping around. #ilovecopper


6 months ago Serina Leedy

Happy birthday! I'd love the PERCEVAL 9.47 French Steak Knife Box Set, the butter knifes just don't cut it! ;)


6 months ago Jessica Volz

Happy birthday, Provisions! My life would be so bland without you! A Vitamix Blender is just the provision I need to add some serious zest to my day!


6 months ago Mary Nurre

The White-Handled Italian Utility Knife would be my best belated birthday gift, and a treat from Provisions. Thank you in advance, as my remodeled kitchen needs new accessories for entertaining well!


6 months ago AmandaN

I've been lusting after the Spice Rack with Erasable Labels but they are out of stock and I'd love to surprise my husband with the MZ Wallace + Food52 Navy Market Tote! He does our weekly shopping at the farmers market and is always complaining about bags not working right and food getting smashed. This would be the best 1st anniversary gift I could get him!!


6 months ago Joan Fuglewicz

Happy Birthday!! Love, love, love this site. Everything is first rate - the articles, recipes, merchandise, everything. Always look forward to seeing what you will come up with next. As for what I would like for my birthday - what else but the Jadite cake stand to put one of those beautiful birthday cakes on!!!


6 months ago mindyc

Bonavita Gooseneck Electric Variable Temperature Kettle because I've been wanting to make my own pourover after my french press broke! Happy birthday!


6 months ago Stacy Sherard

Happy birthday!! So exciting and I love your recipes, articles, and unique items in the shop. I'd choose the lazy Susan with any great condiments to fill it up! What fun!!


6 months ago irinakt

The Bruer Cold Coffee brewer would be my birthday wish, out of all the lovely Provisions items. I'd love to try making coffee this way, and coffee is quite delicious paired with a slice of any of the cakes you've inspired this non-baker to create. And as it happens, my own birthday is just around the corner....(just sayin'!!!)


6 months ago sherry marriner

I love your Copper Stew Pan. It is gorgeous and would be wonderful to present a meal in this upcoming Fall Season. Provisions has such a unique collection. Thank you for working so hard to find such fun and inspirational ideas. Happy Birthday!


6 months ago scoutsma

The vintage stew pan is a lot like one my dad used to make Sunday dinner stews all day event. Rabbit stew with wild mushrooms server straight from the copper pot placed on a huge wooden cutting board right on the dinner table. I'd love to reproduce this experience for my family! Also it's his birthday today too! 85 years old and still cooking!


6 months ago Stacey Maldonado

Culinary thermo whip


6 months ago Terri Mitchell

Happiest Birthday! I ♡ the plant and flower arrangement books...a source of inspiration in the celebration of life!


6 months ago Alexia Lim

the vintage copper swirl mould, hands down. I'd love to make some cakes in that copper beauty!


6 months ago Stephanie Guadagnoli

The citrus wreath would certainly brighten & freshen up my kitchen!


6 months ago sharon

Happy Birthday Provisions! I love your unique products! I will have to choose the Vintage Copper French Daubier. It looks very quality handcrafted and durable.


6 months ago Jennifer Walker

The Pillivuyt cake stand - simple, elegant and practical. For celebrating life!


6 months ago Christa

Happy Birthday! If it were my birthday, I would wish for the functional and beautiful Pillivuyt Patisserie Round Cake and Brioche Bundle. What a happy mouthful!


6 months ago Maribeth M

I love the mason jar lanterns - I would hang them all around my patio. :)


6 months ago lisahi829

the black walnut bread lame - had it in my "cart" since i first discovered this site !


6 months ago Allison Natcher

In the ten years that I have known the man that is now my husband, he always looks wistfully at the copper pans whenever we go into any store. He only comments "Someday when we have more money" before moving on. I would like either the copper stew pan or the sauté pan for the both of us. It's really just as much for as it is for him since he's an excellent cook.


6 months ago Cindy Foreman

Happy Birthday. I Love this site. I've been growing my own herbs and spices this year, so I would love the spice rack with erasable lables.


6 months ago Angela Wong Preston

Happy birthday, Provisions! I'd love the MZ Wallace + Food 52 Navy Market Tote for obvious reasons! It's gorgeous and looks so functional!


6 months ago Jeffry Crews

It was a very hard decision, but It'd be great to have a Kone Brewing system, which I've coveted for a few years.... Happy Birthday!


6 months ago Maya Johnson

BBQ rubs!


6 months ago Taylor Liptak

The White-Handled Italian Chef's knife would be wonderful! I love entertaining my friends with food and I could really use a "grown-up" knife set. This knife would be a lovely start to my collection!


6 months ago Jackie R.

Make my kids camping dreams come true with the Traditional Shake and Pop. Heck, I'd use it any time we needed a little "pop" me up, which is most days.


6 months ago Norma Ann

I would love to have the porcelin paper plates...I am a queen of paper plates and to have the real plate, for gooey delights would be fabulous.


6 months ago Andrea L

I love the Bee's Wraps, the bronze handled butter dish and all of the dishware. Everything sold here combines design and functionality so well! I love it!


6 months ago Jannie

Perceval French chef knife 8"


6 months ago Tanya Lemckert Jordan

The Perceval boning knife, right here:


6 months ago Elaine

Ooh, that MZ Wallace Market Tote!


6 months ago Cami

The cake box or the whisk necklace! I am a baker and I love everything on here so it's such a hard decision.


6 months ago Rebecca Teresi

The Pillivuyt cake plate, of course, that I have been admiring for ages! Happy birthday!


6 months ago Amy

The reusable food covers!


6 months ago jamie p

I would love the 2-Quart Heritage Le Creuset Dutch Oven in Cherry because it will last. I would love to pass down quality cookware and recipes to my children. Fond memories go hand-in-hand with food. And red is my favorite color!


6 months ago Becky Dolcetti Lewis

The salad bowls are gorgeous! I love everything on Provisions. Such a hard choice!


6 months ago Eloesa

I would love the Lazy Susan by Boston Handyworks! My partner and I are moving into our first non-studio after 2 years and will finally be able to have a dining room table. We're thinking square, and a round lazy susan would be useful and look great!


6 months ago Kimberly Rickards

oh so many lovely products…honestly I need a cake plate. The Cake Plate - Jadeite Glass or milk white would be wonderful!


6 months ago LeslieCA

I would love the White Handled Italian Knives. My need replacing and they would be such a help with all of the cooking I am planning for the fall!! Plus, my birthday is in October-close enough!! :)


6 months ago Liz Smith

Besides wanting everything, I'd really love the Pillivuyt Cake Stand. I love to bake but I don't have a nice way to display my creations!


6 months ago marta rozanich

I would love the Noble Tonic01:Bourbon Maple syrup. We do family breakfast every Sunday and this would be perfect!


6 months ago kfellers

I would love the complete ATECO cake tools!


6 months ago Katherine

I would love the flat lidded porcelain container. My parents had a wheel thrown container that was similar in their kitchen, and I remember it was always filled with matchbooks from many different restaurants around the globe. It was like a box of souvenirs we would rediscover during particularly bad storms that downed power lines or fancy holidays that necessitated candlelight. I'd love to start a collection of my own, and this is the perfect vessel!


6 months ago Betty | le jus d'orange

Gold rimmed small plates, because they are so beautiful and will definitely be photogenic for food photography :)


6 months ago Linda Gleason

I would love to receive your beautiful french herb wreath!


6 months ago Patricia J Carolan

Definitely the vitamix blender. I collect and read cookbooks - and after a few decades my husband would love to see more recipes being utilized. Using one piece of equipment would be a time saver.


6 months ago Deborah Galloway

I'm not quite sure how one goes about narrowing down their choice to one item from your gorgeous array of beautiful, unique wares. Though my first instinct is to go for several things that catch my eye due their intrinsic beauty, I suppose the best thing I could ask for is a VitaMix blender. Having just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, my goal is to start eating much healthier, and with this blender, making healthy smoothies and other other tasty recipes would make things so much easier....not to mention, a lot more fun. Happy birthday!


6 months ago Sarah

Happy birthday! I love the porcelain paper plates. They are so unique, and I love things that catch our eyes.


6 months ago Raquelita

Oh I've been eyeing all the knives in the shop. The one I really need is the bread knife, as a home sourdough baker (or caretaker). It's a shame to see how my cheap bread knife shreds when it should slice.


6 months ago Donald'n Jacquee Wilson

I'm torn between the meat grinder and the ice pop mold, because I'd really like to start grinding my own meat, but I've also found a lot of tasty popsicle recipes I'd like to try...


6 months ago Deniz

Happy birthday! I would love the Pillivuyt Cake Platter. It's so beautiful.


6 months ago F King

In honor if your birthday I'd love a Mason Cash 5.25 bowl to give my son for his birthday! He's just moved into his first apartment - he's a great cook all around and has recently turned to making breads. This way maybe he wouldn't take off with my fav bowl! Ha!! Drool over Provisions daily!


6 months ago jwck

Oh, the Vintage Copper Fish Kettle is just gorgeous! I would put it to frequent good use in my kitchen.


6 months ago Toni dileo

I would absolutely love the prosecco glass set but it's a bit out of my budget.


6 months ago Miss Hangrypants

I'd love to win the Pillivuyt Patisserie Footed Cake Platter. Beautiful!


6 months ago mary

Happy Birthday, I would love a pasta machine to make fresh pasta for my family.


6 months ago Tina

Oh, how I would love to receive a Berti knife for my birthday. Such special knives, beautiful and well-made. They make me drool!


6 months ago Melissa

Happy birthday! I think we should BOTH get a vitamix blender. I'm using my old blender daily to make my healthy yet tasty shakes, and a quiet and strong super blender would be AWESOME!


6 months ago Linn

I would also love a VitaMix!!


6 months ago Amity

Happy Birthday! I would love a Vita-Mix. My current blender just broke and I am broke as well...


6 months ago Susan Lockwood

VitaMix for me! My current VitaMix was purchased in 1963 so I really need a replacement.
Happy Birthday!!!


6 months ago Sharon Wong

Happy 1st Birthday, Food52! Let's celebrate with a smoothie made using the Vitamix blender.


6 months ago jbauer

Happy Birthday to Food52 Provisions. I am new to your site and find I am addicted. Love your recipes, and now, your products. If it were my birthday I would have to say the Stainless Steel air-tight container. I have discovered that stainless crisps up salad lettuces like no other medium. I would be using it every day. Thanks, and make a wish! Joan Bauer


6 months ago Francesca Murphy

Happy birthday! Well, it's hard to choose, but I low I'd love the Vulcania Italian Clay Bean Pot, especially the red one. It reminds me of home (Italy) and I can picture making pasta e fagioli in it. :)


6 months ago Denese Sumich

I am Australian and have been drooling over many items many times and tried to purchase the lovely little glass hen jadeite.....alas...... But to no avail !!!
Because you don't ship to the land of My Birthday wish, now you are Celebrating your Birthday, is that you can make my wish come true & stop me drooling by shipping to my country PLEASE !!..... Anyway,I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY & thanks for all the great ideas - love from afar -Denese xxx


6 months ago Dorothy Lynn

I LOVE the plate rack shelf. Ialways wanted a plate rack cabinet and never got one so the shelf would be wonderful.


6 months ago Brenda

Welcome to the beginning of another 365 day journey around the sun! Happiest of Birthdays to all of you who do such a great job providing quality goods for us. My DH and I would love the hibachi grill as our power often goes out for days at a time in the winter here in SE PA. We finally got a small generator for the frig after we had to throw out most if our refrigerated food several times last year. This gift would give us a way to cook it all!


6 months ago Jacquelyn Guest

Happy Birthday! I absolutely love your site : The recipes and very cool stuff. I collect Copper and I totally love your Vintage Copper Daubier. Awesome!


6 months ago Faith Meakin

I love the Pillivuyt Cake platter especially the footed cake platter that you have your cake on! I had one when I lived in Europe but it got damaged in the move back to the US. I never replaced it but I never forgot it either. Your beautiful shop reminded me of all the great times I celebrated with that cake platter.


6 months ago Heather

I have had my eye on the Handblown Glass Drink Dispenser for a while now!


6 months ago Karen Rowland

Jadeite cake plate for my birthday cake ( I'm celebrating my birthday in Aug too!


6 months ago IamTorsional

Happy Birthday Provisions!
I would love the hand blown glass dispenser, been eyeing that beauty for some time now.


6 months ago Erin

I'd LOVE the iconic cookbook set. I am always collecting cookbooks and get such a thrill when I open a new one (especially a classic). What a great set to add to my collection!


6 months ago Lynn Treadway-Cox

Happy Birthday Food 52
I love everything in your shop. The perfect Birthday gift for me would be the
MZ Wallace Food52 Navy Market Tote.


6 months ago Shelby

Happy Birthday! I enjoy your site.
I would love the Flatware Set to set a fine time table on my birthday. I really like those and I really need a new set.


6 months ago Ting

there are so many items that I have been eyeing in Provisions. Cross Linen Apron made with line is a kitchen must. Coeur à la Crème Molds is perfect making dessert for the special the other. the 11'ch Turk Extra High Edge Criss-Cross Forged Iron Fry Pan is ideal for everything on the stove top. Pour la tourtière d'Annette Stoneware Pie Plate is so artsy for making a beautiful pie. The Linen Tablecloth makes everything you put on table looks more tasty. I can go on and on and on. For my birthday, I would like to have the large size Linen Tablecloth, which gives a warmth to the food, as well as my family sitting around the table.


6 months ago cld

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite food sites. the gold rimmed small plates are exquisite.


6 months ago pangaea99

I would want the ATECO complete cake decorating set since I've gotten more into cake decorating lately. Food52 has fast become one of my favorite websites and the store is lovely.


6 months ago Mary

Mmm. I've actually been plotting about how to get the small Match pewter vase for my birthday, and haven't been able to figure out how - and haven't been able to justify buying it for myself yet. I've got too many practical-minded gift-givers in my life who can't see the value timeless beauty and great form would add to my life. :)


6 months ago Miranda Weinstein

To celebrate my birthday, I would love to bake myself a Food52 inspired cake and serve it on the beautiful Cake Plate in Jadeite Glass to share with Family & Friends.


6 months ago Alicia

I actually do want a cocktail shaker for my birthday next month. I need to get my bar stocked up!


6 months ago Jan

Happy Happy Birthday to food 52 Provisions. The reason I enjoy it is because of the very different recipes and the very unusual gadgets that you have. Its always exciting. I would love to have the canvas bucket tote because I need lots of space for my veggies and fruit when I shop at the farmers market. From Jan. Many more Happy Birthdays.


6 months ago Christy

Happy Birthday!! I adore tea towels and love Food 52 Provisions style!


6 months ago LeighMI

Happy Birthday!
I would love the MZ Wallace + Food52 Navy Market Tote.


6 months ago Sherry I

Happy Birthday Food 52 Provisions! Everything is presented in a such beautiful way, I love the recipes and new ideas, keep up the good work! I hope this is the first of many Birthdays! My Birthday wish would be for the beautiful white handled kitchen knives. I am all about my what I use to prepare.. and I know those knives would just feel right. :) Congratulations!


6 months ago RaisaI

Happy Birthday, this site is wonderful. All i could ask for is a cake decorating stand and to continue to have more birthdays


6 months ago Sophia

I love the egg coddles because not only do they look cool, they are functional for cooking eggs my favorite way!


6 months ago Frances Peets

If I could dream about receiving a gift from you it would be the Navy Market Tote. Happy, Happy Birthday to a beautiful thing! Thanks for everything and thanks most of all for your website and your ingenuity and, and, and! Use it daily.


6 months ago Fran Smead

Happy Birthday! I'd love your Iconic Cookbook Set for my birthday. :)


6 months ago wendy

Happy Birthday! Keep the great recipes and products coming! I just had a birthday too and I would have wished for the MZ Wallace tote. I'd never forget my reusable bag if that were it!!!!


6 months ago Deanna Monet

Happy Birthday! I love your site and wish you many more years of prosperity. AND I the white handled Italian knives would make my life so much easier in the kitchen! :) Cheers!


6 months ago Staci Striegel-Stikeleather

My all time favorite is the mortar and pestle! I would love one, and I would feel more connected to the food if I had this important tool to do things more by hand. And happy birthday!


6 months ago Kelsi

Happy happy birthday! My birthday wish would be the MZ Wallace Market Tote Bag to take to my local farmer's market and stock up on fresh fruit and veggies! It's so stylish!


6 months ago Bethany B

Too many choices! But for longevity-of-wanting, I'd have to go with the silver whisk necklace!


6 months ago Chris

So many pretty things, but the "Your Own Recipe Converted to a Custom Watercolor Painting by Emiko Davies" would be such a treasure to have.


6 months ago cristen

Oh, I'd love one of those white handled Italian kitchen knives. I could use a quality one. Happy birthday!


6 months ago Meredith Word

The VitaMix. My husband and I have been coveting one for years. We'd love to be able to make soups and smoothies daily with all the random veggies that pile up from our yard and from neighbors.


6 months ago ehh

Happy, happy birthday! My wish would be the lovely blue, quilted picnic blanket for some comfy seaside dining.


6 months ago Virginia Ewbank

I so enjoy your site! I dream of having one of the walnut-handled lames you feature, and regularly drool over the linen aprons!


6 months ago Pascale Poitras

Happy Birthday! I love Food 52 Provisions and the beautiful recipes you present. I look forward to new discoveries every sunday.
That being said, I would love your 2nd Food 52 cookbook if I had a wish! I have the first one, and my save file is chock full of great recipes.
Congratulations on a great web site.


6 months ago Rachel Bondra

Happy Birthday, Provisions!
Thanks for being a curator and purveyor of such beautiful goods to enhance the cooking and eating experience!
I'd love to own some of those poetic and functional White-Handled Italian Kitchen Knives!


6 months ago naochan

Happy birthday Provisions :D
I'd love your Iconic Cookbook Set for my birthday :)


6 months ago gabrielle

Happy Birthday, Provisions! You look great!

I aspire to one day entertain with as much grace and class as you folks. Every article and every email from you is filled with gorgeous presentation, flawless execution, and delicious looking food.

So, in that vein, I hope to one day be able to bake one of your delicious birthday cakes and serve it on the classic and wonderful Jadeite Glass Cake Plate!

Here's to many more years. Thanks for all of the inspiration you have provided this past year!


6 months ago Fletch

Congrats on one year, here's to many more! Ever since my husband and I had our son, I've wanted a pair of Jax bookends-his name is Jackson and his nickname is Jax. I think it's be a pretty rad birthday gift for me or for him! Cheers!


6 months ago USHA GAJI

Happy Birthday Provisions !!! And many More!!!!
I would really appreciate Classic Isotherm Teapot! It has been out of stock for long time. I really need that. Or the vintage white cake stand. Thanks for all the good things and recepies.
Long Live Provisions " FOOD52"


6 months ago Catherine

Happy Birthday, Provisions! I ogle your horde almost daily. My perfect birthday present would either be the Late 19th-Century Vintage Copper French Daubier, or more modestly, the pour la tourtiere d'Annette stoneware pie plate (so gorgeous!).


6 months ago Catherine

Congratulations! HaPpY BirThDaY!
I'd enjoy being gifted any of your wonderful items, it's hard to pick a favorite! I suppose since it's a celebration, one of the ice cream scoops would be really neat.


6 months ago Lwg carney

vita Mix 750 Professional blender


6 months ago Lwg carney

VitaMix 750 Professional blender


6 months ago Mable

I covet the Perceval French steak knife set. Wow, I should could set an impressive table with those beauties.


6 months ago Mrs Beryl Patmore

Ah, that carbon steel chef's knife. Now that's a thing a beauty. Congratulations on your first year of Provisions, Food52. What a year.


6 months ago danielle

Love your letter, Happy B'day!
You could make my day complete with Complete ATECO Cake Tools!!
Yay for cake!!


6 months ago marisa g

I'd love the walnut cutting board!


6 months ago Andrea Courtois

happy birthday Provisions! i'm dying for a pie box. i love making pie and i always worry about getting them to work. please pick me ;)


6 months ago ngarcia

Feliz Cumpleanos, Provisions!! I would love the VitaMix Professional Series 750 Blender so that I can blend my roasted chiles to a wonderfully smooth consistency for the 35 dozen Tamales we make for Christmas.


6 months ago James Wise

congrads and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IAM LIKEWISE A LEO and love the RECIPES that hit my web site. I am a little older than you at 74. but love to cook and try new things. I would love to receive a FOOD PROCESSOR as a BIRTHDAY GIFT , Thanks for asking.


6 months ago GColleenR

A very happy birthday! I love to bake. What goes better with fresh baked goodies, than perfect whipped cream? The Culinary Thermo Whip with 24 Cream Chargers would take my creations to a whole other place. Yum!


6 months ago d wright downs

I have your cook books and I save and print others. My birthday is 11 Aug 48, I am a veteran and can cook all different food. The product you have that I would like is the wooden beer 6-pack holder. I reminds me of living in Germany where every town had a brewery and bier was delivered. I was also sold in vending machines.


6 months ago elena

Happy Birthday, may you have many, many more. The KONE brewing system is what I would like.


6 months ago Errin

Happy Birthday, Provisions!! My favorite is authentic Saltwater Taffy


6 months ago emily

This is what I really like
So classy!!


6 months ago Antonia Keleher

I'd like the 2 qt Le Creuset dutch oven


6 months ago Kathy Hull LeTourneau

It's all wonderful, but the flatware set, please.


6 months ago helenm

I have always loved the 8" porcelain paper plates. While the idea of eating off of paper plates certainly has more than one upside, there's something just so unappealing about actually doing it. Plus, the plates are just fun AND they can go in the dishwasher!


6 months ago Maddie

Happy birthday Provisions! I'd love the MZ Wallace bag, already looks so cool!


6 months ago ChelseaD

Wusthof classic knife set would be cool, I really need to replace my current knives.


6 months ago Andrea

I love BEER so I would want the Beer making or Cider making kit!!


6 months ago Kathy

a piebox!


6 months ago AntoniaJames

AntoniaJames is a trusted source on Bread/Baking.

Linen bread bags! (Of course.) ;o)


6 months ago Yoojin Lee

I would love the Turk Extra High Edge Criss-Cross Forged Iron Fry Pan! It looks amazing.


6 months ago Corinne

I would *love* the 10" Vintage Copper Saute and Crepe Pan!


6 months ago Sadie

I love the shallow pasta bowls. none of the goodness escapes.


6 months ago annbaroq8

That makes us both Virgos! I've been in love with the Pour la tourtière d'Annette Stoneware Pie Plate ever since I saw it one of the pie recipe photo shoots.


6 months ago Amber Idell

I would love the gold rimmed plates. They are gorgeous. Happy Birthday!!!


6 months ago marymary

Happy Birthday!! Too many awesome products to pick just one, but I'm in need of a new food processor, so my birthday wish is for the VitaMix Professional Series 750 Blender. (I don't really need them, but one day I'll get the Turk Extra High Edge Criss-Cross Forged Iron Fry Pan Set - those are so cool!).


6 months ago Lynn M.

Happy Birthday fellow Leo :). I would love the VitaMix Professional Series 750 Blender. I have an older model VitaMix which I can't live without, but I'd like for my daughter to have one as well. She just got some medical news (not great), and this would help her improve her diet.


6 months ago uhma

I would love to have the Cone Strainer + Wooden Pestle. Perfect for making Finger Lakes (upstate NY) Grape Pie - the most delicious pie I've ever had! And, a very Happy Birthday to you!!!


6 months ago Kate Sturgeon

Happy First Birthday - I love your site! I have been wanting the Linen Bowl Covers. Simple, but very useful :)


6 months ago Ailene Isaf

Happy Birthday! Congratulations. I covet the walnut bread box OR the marble cake stand with 3 layer dome. Oh boy! What nice stuff you have. Enjoy giving a gift to someone on YOUR birthday.


6 months ago Sarah-Jayne Windridge-France

With so many wonderful products ... it really is hard to choose,
So if I put the proverbial 'ball in your court,'
I really couldn't lose,
Robicelli's cupcake book,
Would ensure that we all got a treat,
Something wonderfully delicious and most definitely sweet,
The American Heritage Mason Jars - I can hear them now clink clink,
Perfect for my mixologist to fill up with cocktails I think,
I'd love a pendant lamp with an iconic Edison bulb,
To hang in my tree in the moonlight and keep us in the partying mood,
The Salt Water Taffys look tempting,
The cream macaroons look divine,
I can honestly say,
That in every which way,
I wish that your storeroom was mine!!
So I'll wish you the bestest of birthdays,
Here's to celebrations and fun,
Meanwhile I will wait,
Till the Gods seal my fate,
And hope against hope that I've won!


6 months ago Posie Harwood

Posie is the Provisions Editor at Food52.

Sarah-Jayne, that made ALL OF OUR DAYS.


6 months ago Susan

Happiest of Birthdays! I would love to be sporting the Market Tote!


6 months ago misslilad

Happy birthday. so many great things to choose from but i want the elevated laundry basket. Love that I could roll dirty and clean clothes from room to room


6 months ago Erin O'Donnell

Happy Birthday Provisions! So many beautiful items, it's hard to choose! For my birthday I would love to receive a set of the hand-dipped beech wood bowls!


6 months ago Susan D

I would love a vitamix.


6 months ago Carly DeFilippo

I would love the Range Smart iphone thermometer. A great tool for any current culinary school student!


6 months ago shari

Happy Birthday. This is one of my favorite sites! For my birthday I would love a bread machine with lots of settings!


6 months ago cathy

My dream gift would be to own a Vitamix 750, I have wanted one for the last five years, unfortunately, it's too expensive for me. It would make my life much easier when it comes to putting meals together for my family. Thank you for asking.


6 months ago Zoe

I would absolutely love one of the R. Murphy Reclaimed Wood Carbon Steel Chef's Knives. This would make my cooking life so much better!


6 months ago Alex

Well considering my teeny tiny mini food processor that I use for everything, I would LOVE a Vitamix blender!


6 months ago Lark

Happy Birthday to You! Thanks for sharing the joy: For my birthday I would love to have a pedestal cake platter and the Pillivuyt Patisserie Footed Cake Platter is lovely to behold (scalloped edge, omg!). Yes, my name is all over this. Thanks for the chance to win it!


6 months ago Denise

Congrats on turning 1! For my birthday I would love to receive the Benriner Mandoline. I've been wanting one for years but haven't let myself buy one! Thanks!


6 months ago Kelly Wilkinson

happy birthday, provisions! i love everything on the site, but my pick would have to be the jadeite glass cake plate. i'm trying my hand at baking, and still haven't treated myself to a beautiful cake plate to display my treats on. this one is absolutely gorgeous!


6 months ago Karen

Happy Birthday! Thanks for the exposure to new, great products, Recipes and interesting facts( how to sharpen a knife was well needed). I love the curated product line and would love to pick up the glass pitcher from Malfetti


6 months ago Alexa K

I would love the just mayo sampler pack! A sandwich just isn't the same without mayo!


6 months ago Kristin Miller

The magnetic bottle opener would make my life complete!


6 months ago Nancy

I would love to be able to share the traditional shake and pop popcorn popper with my Girl Scout troop!


6 months ago Kim

Happy Birthday Provisions!! We have gone through so many blenders, and. I have been dreaming of a Vitamix Blender. My pick is the VitaMix Professional Series 750 Blender


6 months ago Jennifer Peterson

Happy, happy Birthday!! I'd like everything lol. There's just so many cool unquie things lol. If I'd had to pick, walnut wooden bread box, pie box, Pour la tourtière, The art of blending book, modern porcelain butter dish with maple lid... Any of those would be Awesome!!


6 months ago sngator

Happy Birthday! I have a small space, but have been longing to start entertaining more. I would love to be gifted the large porcelain serving bowl. It is beautiful and understated and would be an amazing way to present a lovely meal to my guests!


6 months ago [email protected]

Happy Birthday! There's nothing quite like your website-- my friends are all thrilled that I've shared mine and my mom's site with them. I've been lusting after your exclusive MZ Wallace Farmer's Market tote since you asked us to vote green/blue. I'd love to have it to lug all the goodies from Union Square this fall--- maybe I'll see you there!


6 months ago Susan Ipavec

Happy birthday! I love the Vitamix blender...trying to eat/drink healthier and that looks Amazing!!


6 months ago Kari

A very happy birthday to you! I think I will be creating one of these yummy cakes for my niece's birthday next month. Just need the Pillivuyt Cake Stand to display it on.....


6 months ago Kelly Graye

Cheers to you on your Birthday! Your website is on my daily internet strolling list, always beautiful inspiration. I love the white handled Italian knives. A thing of beauty and practical as well. I think I would enjoy cooking even more with a set of these beauties. Fingers crossed!


6 months ago Jacqui Thorpe

Congratulations! I recently found this website and now I visit daily. I would love the Organic Key Lime Cashew Butter. Thank you


6 months ago Bianca Marcu-Blidar

Happy birthday FOOD52! I drool over your recipes every day! I would really love the Complete ATECO Cake Tools, because my cake-making would definitely go up a notch :) Thank you!


6 months ago Bianca Marcu-Blidar

Oh, and I could really use it for my food blog :)


6 months ago LittleFrier

Happy Birthday! VitaMix Blender would be my choice. I have blender envy.


6 months ago aargersi

Abbie is a trusted source on General Cooking.

The green bean necklace (small) AND the label set!


6 months ago marjory

Happy Birthday, Provisions! It's a wonderful week to celebrate - my birthday was on Monday. I would love a "52 Stripes Towel" - The story behind the design is so great.


6 months ago The Omnomnivore

Happy Birthday, Provisions! I feel like I want everything on your site, but I ADORE the set of Pecan wood knives from R. Murphy. They look magnificent!


6 months ago Mary Beth Hunt

I love LOVE all your unique food products. I'd love to try out the Harmonius Soy Sauce!


6 months ago skyeatwood

Happy birthday! I'd love a pair of those lovely blue printed salad bowls - look like the perfect size!


6 months ago Freddy

I'd love a set of round tart dishes. They will be put to good use: fruit piled on freshly baked crust, delicious and smooth cream fillings...


6 months ago marita

Happy birthday food52,i would have loved to taste all the seven cakes,but i can't because am i Kenya.I would like the layering cake slice kit and the edible cake covering.I love cakes i bake cakes every week,once again Happy birthday food 52.


6 months ago ChristinaW

The jadeite cake stand is beautiful. Happy Birthday !!


6 months ago Deborah Wagner

Happy, Happy birthday! I would be thrilled to death to have either a signed copy of the Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book or the Layer Cake Slicing Kit. They would enable me to perfect my pies and cakes to win more blue ribbons at our local fair!


6 months ago sparkplug

I would love the mortar & pestle - it's timeless & would be so useful!


6 months ago Bunnie1

Happy birthday! I would love a signed copy of The Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Book . I have discovered making pie us truly an art znd that book looks great!


6 months ago Bernadette Nunez

Happy birthday! My birthday is at the end of the month! I'd love a new cake stand!


6 months ago Susan Noble

The beautiful Gold Whisk Necklace!! A perfect gift for a most talented baker--my niece!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY & many, many more!!!


6 months ago Julie Foster

Happy Birthday! I wish I could have been around for tasting the cakes. I'd love the Moscow Mule Copper Cups - the need some whiskey cocktails! Or just whiskey.


6 months ago Julie Foster



6 months ago courtney hazlett

happy happy birthday! y'all always have the most beautiful things. it is hard to pick a favorite. but i know what i not only want but NEED: the Noaway Countertop Walnut Compost Bin. we have a compost but everyone in my house just leaves food scraps out on the counter expecting me to put it all together to take it outside or worse throw it away. this would be a lifesaver and excellent reminder to everyone to put it in the box! also it was my birthday last week.. so what a good belated gift this would be! ;)


6 months ago Luther Champ Jr

Happy happy ! A new meat slicer works for me .


6 months ago Hailee Bugenhagen

The Slip Cast Grigri Growler is a perfect birthday gift! It is an awesome product and a lovely way to spoil myself with a fancy beer holder.


6 months ago Melody Charlton

I have a soft spot for cake stands of all sizes and shapes, but especially the footed cake stands. My collection includes old and new cake stands.


6 months ago Mari Miyachi

happy bday food52 - i'd love the kone brewing system - been wanting to try it!


6 months ago pandapotamus

Happy birthday! I would love to get a vitamix for my birthday because my kitchen is missing a blender and I would use it to make smoothies and nut butters!


6 months ago Emirjeta

I'd love to get the Trivet tray set. It's such a lovely set and I could do so much with them. :)


6 months ago Tiramisu

A very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I absolutely love Provisions - you guys have the prettiest things. I would love to get the Hand Carved Wood Salad Servers!


6 months ago Mgostin

I am a cake decorator and the Layer Cake Slicing Kit looks awesome!


6 months ago Gibson2011

I'd love the vintage copper English saucepan. I got my master's in British history, and with no job prospects in that field, I've turned to food blogging (where the job prospects are probably comparable). It would get regular use and love, as well as be a neat connection to the past.


6 months ago maria

Happy Birthday! If you enjoy cooking then you will Love this website. My pick would be any copper pot :)


6 months ago jmmg

Happy Birthday Provisions! There are so many beautiful and useful items to choose from. I love the MZ Wallace Market Tote, or the French Rolling Pin.


6 months ago Michelle Vu

Happy birthday! The house is swamped with fish from my dad's frequent fishing trips, and I would love to get the beautiful Perceval boning knife for my parents.


6 months ago rita fail

Happy Birthday Food 52. What I want most for my birthday is to continue to enjoy the great "window shopping " that I do on your site. The great recipes, the unusual items - it is all pure enjoyment. Thanks, and many more years to you all


6 months ago A Lee

Happy Birthday. I am so happy to have found your site.
If it were my birthday, I'd like a new chef's knife - the white-Handled Italian Kitchen Knives look so beautiful. I have worked so hard and my knives are getting old... it would be fun to have such a cute but practical one.


6 months ago Practically Eating

I've been lusting after the maple french rolling pin since it was added to the store. After limping along with the old school 10" rolling pin I liberated from my parents' house when I left for college back in 1986, I have put in my time. Plus, I need it so that I can make more pies. (http://practicallyeating...)


6 months ago Bethe Sailer

Oh, birthday ain't 'til February. That's a mighty long time to wait!
It's a toss-up between the "exclusive Almond Butter Collection" and the Chocolate Coated Almonds, Cranberries and Cocoa Nibs...but the Spiced Sugar Cubes are beautiful and sure to be tasty...
No, scratch all of that. Let's shoot for the Best of Big Spoon Roasters Almond and Peanut Collection! Hands down, what I want for my birthday. Delicious on some warm sourdough, or my current favorite - on a gluten-free pancake and drizzled with maple syrup. Delicious!


6 months ago Rumi143

Happy birthday! Such a labor of love for the Food 52 team, I know! I have been wanting a VitaMix Professional Series ever since... ever.


6 months ago Paul McGarry

As another Leo birthday (8/8) I was going to buy the pickling crock set but I'll try my luck here.


6 months ago Bradley Meilinger

After a thorough search of the store, I would have to go with the 16-jar spice rack ( I would love to incorporate more freshly ground spices and herbs into my cooking, and this product would make it much more easy and aesthetically appealing!


6 months ago Mary Denham

Oh my goodness, I just saw the Fountain Room menu print. I love it!! I'm a baker, so it would go perfectly on my kitchen wall (and it would combat my boyfriend's growing collection of movie art prints)


6 months ago Mozelle Stanton

Oh Happy Day when I found your website! I've been 'slobbering' over a lot of your products, and finally rewarded myself with the one-of-a-kind tart plate (the one that is white with the French blue design on the bottom) when I received a coupon for $10 off. I'd now 'settle' for any of the matching salad/soup bowls, or plates to go with it. I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of this tarte plate...


6 months ago sherrie

Complete ATECO Cake Tools
I would love to start baking cakes!


6 months ago MaryJane Carney

Happy Birthday! I would love to get the Vintage Copper Saute and Crepe Pan. It reminds me of E. Dehillerin in Paris. I love their copper pots and molds. They remind me so much of all the famous, great French cooks. And every time I used it, I would think of Paris, which is always a lovely thought.


6 months ago Erin

Happy Birthday! I am just in love with everything about Food52 and Provisions. You are my go-to resource for all things food related! I would give myself the Medium Serving Bowl because it is stunning in its simplicity. Something I could pass down to my children.


6 months ago hillarywith2ls

I love cheese! Who doesn't? The cheese papers please! Happy birthday!


6 months ago Terri Turner

Happy Birthday to us Provisions!! Celebrated my b'day on July 27th. What a great gift the Hibachi Grill would make! I love your recipes & "goodies". Getting the grill would give me a reason to celebrate and cook 365 days a year!


6 months ago Jamie Griffith

Happy First Birthday! I adore the square walnut tray. (And happy birthday/good luck to all!)


6 months ago Ellen

Happy Birthday Provisions. You have beautiful things, I would like the liter Weck Jars.


6 months ago Alex

My birthday is coming up tomorrow and wow would a hibachi grill bring a smile to my face! I don't know what can take the (birthday) cake when it comes to my favorite foods, but grilled meat is somewhere in the top 10. Some mason jars for pickling would be an acceptable replacement if grilling is not in my future. Thanks Provisions, and happy birthday!


6 months ago Katlyn G.

Happy 1st Birthday Provisions!! I enjoy your site so much and I just absolutely adore everything on your site! I would love the reusable kitchen cloths! They're so quirky and fun, they would make doing any thing in the kitchen so much more enjoyable!


6 months ago amy lee

Happy Birthday Provisions! My kitchen is indeed a better place because of you. Mwah!
I wily pick the pie for two mini pie plates because nothing is more romantics than pie for two!


6 months ago Shana Lee McDanold

Oooh. So many options! I've been drooling over the Bonavita Gooseneck Electric Variable Temperature Kettle. I make a LOT of tea and coffee, and have been needing to replace my electric kettle for awhile now (I wore out my previous one).


6 months ago Catherine Fuller

Happy Birthday Provisions! I adore this site and my all time favorite thing is the copper stew pan!


6 months ago Maia

Jadeite glass cake plate, to show off the beautiful cakes I make for others' birthdays and weddings!


6 months ago Meghan

I’d love the MZ Wallace + Food52 Navy Market Tote for my birthday. I’m always looking for a good sturdy bag to carry produce home from the farmer’s market. I end up with a handful of reusable totes instead of one good bag.


6 months ago Ryan Ochsner

You guys have the best site! I would definitely pick the champagne saber. Like a boss at any party. Annnnd, my birthday is August 22nd! Right in time!


6 months ago Minxi Rao

Happy birthday!
I'd love the hibachi grill! :)


6 months ago summersavory

I just had a birthday, actually, and there are a number of things in Provisions that I wish I'd gotten...but if I had to choose just one, I'd go with the stainless steel 6-canister set. They're so shiny! And who can resist shiny things? Also, I'm moving to a new apartment in just under a month (aaaah) and it'd be nice to start out with some solid storage for flour and such (though the blue enamel porridge pot is a close second-I make porridge just about every single morning and I sold my tiny pot in the process of moving :( )


6 months ago Kate

Happy Birthday!!
I absolutely love the Noaway countertop compost bin - so much prettier than the bucket I am using...


6 months ago Victoria

I'd just love you to do international shipping!
Vic in Australia


6 months ago Nomnomnom

Happy Birthday! There are too many things on the Provisions site that could be put to use in my home. But if forced to choose one, I'd go with the ATECO baking tools. My cakes need help! And the set would help me become the generous, mad, birthday-celebrater I can, so far, only aspire to be. Cheers to you. Clink!


6 months ago Joan Elola

For my 74th Birthday (which will soon be here September 5th) I would absolutely love those pleated string lights. Thank You for your beautiful & informative site. Happy Birthday to you!


6 months ago Iris Park

The MZ Wallace + Food52 Navy Market Tote is amazing. I'm a firm believer in food shopping for fresh goods in smaller quantities and everyone should be using reusable marketing bags. Happy birthday!


6 months ago Shaunie Wyatt

Would have to say that I would love to have a vitamix


6 months ago Cristy Javier

Happy Birthday!
Happy Anniversary!
I would like to have the "Complete ATECO baking tools". It would be a lovely addition to my baking utensils.
More power!
- Cristy from Philippines


6 months ago Sandra mcdonald

I would love the pie pan for two. Just perfect for me and my husband


6 months ago Elizabeth Brookbank

Happy birthday! Oh dear, I covet so many things on your site it's difficult to pick just one...but I have wanted a Pie Box since I first saw them on here. I dropped hints at Christmastime last year, but no luck. Maybe I will be luckier this time :)


6 months ago Trinity Babichuk

Happy birthday!
I love the storm canvas & burlap tote. Too cute!


6 months ago Carlee

I love the Happy Birthday banner... it is so versatile, I would love to put this up for EVERY birthday in our house!


6 months ago Marissa

Congratulations! I would love the Chickpea year supply for my birthday. Living in Korea, it can be hard to find good reading material, especially about cooking! Having a cooking magazine to read every now and again would be a major bright spot!


6 months ago Sandy N

The modern midcentury napkin holder reminds me of one my parent's had growing up!


6 months ago Melissa E. Penn

Many Happy Returns on the Day!! I wish you many successful years ahead. What would I like? Why the Copper Stew Pan, of course! Why? Because it is a pan for all seasons and reasons! You can poach an egg, cook up some cereal, or fry a fish. You can gather fresh garden peas and add some cream and have a beautiful soup. In it's glimmering cauldron you can create a curry, simmer a stew, or cook a pudding. If I only had a single pan, this would be it.


6 months ago Allison

The 10" jadeite cake stand has been on my wishlist for so long! Happy Birthday, guys!


6 months ago PieceOfLayerCake

Feliz cumpleanos! I want to throw away my entire kitchen and start over exclusively with Provisions products! Especially that Bonavita Gooseneck electric variable temperature kettle. Would make eggs, oatmeal, coffee and tea a whole lot more convenient! <3


6 months ago Suzette Belson

Happy happy birthday! Always enjoy your emails. I'm impressed with the walnut cutting board, it has really caught my eye!


6 months ago Erica

Happy birthday! Love this shop. The copper pot is such a beauty, that's my pick. But on the lower end the pie box has my attention too!


6 months ago Casey Hogan

In honor of the celebration, couldn't think of anything more perfect than the Complete ATECO Cake Tools. Friends have been encouraging me to go to pastry school after college, and this could help me practice :) Happy birthday Provisions.


6 months ago Brett | Fig+Bleu

Happy birthday!! I've gotten so much inspiration from your beautifully curated shoppe.

I went through all of the provisions and I would love to be able to give my mom the copper pot as a congratulations present for her new adventure in life. My plan would be to have that to surprise her with, as well as a ticket to France! Can you help me out?



6 months ago gingerroot

Happy Birthday, Provisions! There are so many items I wish I had but one that caught my eye from first glance is the Lace Tray. It's gorgeous!


6 months ago eileen millan

Eileen Millan says she's blown away by that hand blown moroccan glass pitcher and also that Mosser glass 3 piece mixing bowl set. I say let the party begin! Blow out the candles and lets celebrate to many more years of Food52 being in my email box for a long time!!


6 months ago Mary

Happy Birthday! There are so many great things to choose from but I love the market tote, I am always looking for a bag to go to our farmers markets. Thank You


6 months ago Jessica

Happy Birthday! My kitchen would most benefit from a Vitamix because the possibilities with that are limitless. I would get to experiment with so many more of your recipes...I also love all the decorative pieces like the jade cake stand because half of the fun of throwing a party is making the house and your displays look pretty! Again, happy birthday! Thanks for all the help in the kitchen and home!


6 months ago booglix

Happy bday! I love Provisions and though I've yet to order myself, I put several Provisions treasures on my wedding registry (through and have already received a few beautiful pieces. (The only problem is that things often sell out!) As a present, I'd choose the luxuriously large 12" copper saute pan: Yum.


6 months ago Kels Murdoch

Happy birthday! How can you pick just one?! From the those blue print salad bowls to the Benriner Mandoline, or that California burrito t-shirt? Or that gorgeous Japanese cotton throw! But I think I'd have to pick the jadite cake stand, as it's my birthday this week, too!


6 months ago Priya Cox

I would love the set of straight glass straws for my birthday as I am making more juices and smoothies these days and like the idea of living a more eco-friendly life. They are also super cute! Happy Birthday!


6 months ago mon

Happy Birthday! The one product that got me hooked on Food52 in the first place was the set of 7.5 Ounce Glasses. It's always been on my mind that I'd love to have a set!


6 months ago elizabeth anne logan

happy birthday, provisions! my dream gift is the Noaway Countertop Walnut Compost Bin! what a beautiful and functional piece!


6 months ago Damizelle

I'm in love with the walnut bread box for its simple natural beauty (


6 months ago Hannah

The Stumptown Voyager Travel Coffee Kit! I travel a lot for work and would love to drink something better than terrible hotel coffee.


6 months ago Mary donze

The pie box of course!


6 months ago RJ

Many happy returns! What could be more beautiful than the handblown ice bucket??


6 months ago Posie Harwood

Posie is the Provisions Editor at Food52.

Well that's a very good question. (Also, we just discovered that it doubles as a stellar snack bowl!)


6 months ago Amy Maddux Cooley

I would love to win the Stainless Steel Stock Pot. My small cookware is just not cutting it for boiling pasta. Thanks and Happy Birthday!


6 months ago Natalie

I've been without an oven for nearly a yer but am itching to get back to baking so it would have to be the Complete ATECO Cake Tools! I'm in the mood to ceelebrate and eat gooood!


6 months ago littleknitter

Happy Birthday! For my birthday I'd want the R. Murphy carbon steel chef's knife with the pecan handle - it's absolutely beautiful and I'm a sucker for carbon steel knives.


6 months ago Netanya Rommel

Happy birthday! That pie box has been calling my name for a while. Would love to tote that around.


6 months ago Lynette Marcia

Happy, Happy Birthday!!! If I could have one thing I would love to have the copper stew pot. It would be so used and treasured and I would definitely pass it down to my daughters. It would be a beautiful heirloom item.


6 months ago Jen Blair

In honor of farmers market week I'd love the soon-to-be-available MZ Wallace + Food52 Navy Market Tote. By the time this is ready to ship our farmers markets will be in full swing out here in the California desert and I'd just love to fill it with beautiful produce and show it off! I'm dreaming!!


6 months ago lydia

Happy Birthday! I would love the stainless steel canisters! My ceramic ones always get chipped.


6 months ago knickerbockerny

The Pillivuyt patisserie cake stand is just gorgeous, and perfect for the lumpy-but-loveable glittery purple cakes my toddler requests that I make for her birthday!


6 months ago Cori

I love the cold coffee brewer!


6 months ago rebecca

Happy Birthday! For me it's all about the pie box. As someone with a winter birthday i do love to indulge in a good ole fashion birthday pie! What better way to turn up at a friends house than with a pie in a pretty box?!


6 months ago wwarren31

My dream gift would be the copper saute and crepe pan (the non-consumerist in me doesn't want to admit it but there is something so inspiring about having nice things in the kitchen) but perhaps more realistic would be one of the Everyday Beach Throws. I went to Turkey a couple years ago and fell in love with it. And one of my regrets is that I never bought any Turkish pestamels or blankets while I was there.


6 months ago Sarah Davis

i couldn't decide so here are my favorites:
- witty food greeting cards
- silicone spatulas
- whole-grain mornings cookbook


6 months ago Kaitlin Corr

Yay! Happy birthday! While it is very hard to narrow my extensive wishlist down to one item, it would have to be the Vitamix! The soups I would make with that...oh man.


6 months ago GretchenB

I would love love love to have a Cake Box. I love bringing cakes and cupcakes to parties but more often than not transporting is a challenge. BIG happy wishes on your birthday!!!


6 months ago Melody Martin

I desperately need a cake plate/stand, please! Happy Birthday! :)


6 months ago Leslie Hill

Oh goodness, wouldn't it be great to have the TapIt Cap for our craft brews! When we travel and buy special beers, it's so sad when they sometimes go flat by the next day. Hopes for a great tasting gone like the pretty bubbles! (I'm an October baby.)


6 months ago Kim

The Walnut Countertop Compost bin is great! I would love to have that in my kitchen!


6 months ago Angela DeGeorge

The Italian Pasta Rolling Pin is a beauty. It's been a dream to make fresh tagliatelle with that. Happy birthday Provisions and keep on being awesome!


6 months ago Tiffany DelMonico Behrens

The big flip carving board in walnut! It is a powerhouse in the kitchen!


6 months ago Ronna F

I desperately need a pretty cake plate! This one is lovely!


6 months ago Megan

I could use a decent paring knife and I love the idea of reclaimed wood as the handle!


6 months ago Sandy Delcour

I like the food wrapping paper. Was really hoping that the paper could actually be used to wrap food. I hate messing with plastic containers. trips, picnics, could use wrap and throw away without throwing dirty containers back in car.


6 months ago Posie Harwood

Posie is the Provisions Editor at Food52.

Sandy, I am not a plastic container fan either! I actually just gave my little sister this beeswax wrap for her birthday (!): -- it's not disposable but a lot nicer to use than plastic containers, plus it's great for things like baguette or muffins that are tricky to fit in containers.


6 months ago lizb

I would love the jadeite cake plate - so so so pretty! and happy birthday!


6 months ago JudyFoodie

Happy Birthday Posie et al and congratulations on your first year!
The beautiful stoneware pitcher is high on my wish list!


6 months ago michelle

Happy birthday! It's honestly difficult to choose... I love so many of the items available here, but find myself drawn to the pottery pieces. The Handmade Ceramic Hexagonal Plate is just lovely!


6 months ago qdamaris23

Happy Birthday! I would absolutely love the MZ Wallace + Food52 Navy Market Tote. It is so functional and stylish at the same time. All that, and it's good for the environment!


6 months ago Diane Merritts Gatto

I like the celedon serving bowl!


6 months ago Beth

How lovely to celebrate your birthday by sharing a gift! I'm still using the Osterizer blender given to me in the late 70's (in Harvest gold - what else?) so a Vitamix blender would be a joy to have. Happy birthday Provisions and many more to come!


6 months ago Ahna

The Milk Glass cake plate! I keep scouring antique stores and online for the right one and this one is perfect in its classic simplicity. Would look lovely with my birthday cake on it (in just a few weeks!) or the Salted Caramel Zucchini cake (one of the most surprisingly wonderful recipes I've made from this site). HBD F52!


6 months ago Sherry

The Layer cake slicing kit


6 months ago Audrey Trottier

Happy birthday!
I've been lusting over the Jadeite Cake Stand for ages!
Would love to own it someday!


6 months ago Sue

Oh, thanks for the opportunity! I've been eyeing these for a long time....



6 months ago Jill wollman

I love everything, but need the Vitamix blender


6 months ago Susan S



6 months ago susan harper

I would love the anniversary wine box to fill up and give my son for his wedding this fall. What a great gift that would make! Happy birthday!


6 months ago Genetta McCluney

I would love to be gifted Farmhose Pottery. I think it looks gorgeous, but I am sure my husband will sware I have no where to put it!


6 months ago Ltiemeyer

Happy Birthday Provisions! I look forward to your emails and enjoy my Provisions purchases. My birthday is August 11th! For my entire cooking life I have coveted a copper sauté pan- one handle or two, I would just love a great copper pan. Keep up the great work!


6 months ago poca

Happy Birthday Food52!
I love the mid-century modern napkin holder because I've never seen anything like it anywhere and being in Canada, I can't order it yet. It's such a striking piece!


6 months ago Kim Hoskins

Happy Birthday! I love this site! I am celebrating a milestone birthday myself the end of this month! The big 50! Picking 1 thing from all of the awesome things you guys have is so hard but I would have to pick the 2-Quart Heritage Le Creuset Dutch Oven. I have never had one and I would love to be able to create some awesome dishes with that. Have a great celebration!


6 months ago sharonbridget

Im in love with the French rolling pin. That would be an amazing present!


6 months ago Jessica Volz

I have my heart set on your copper crêpe pan--a provision that my kitchen is in desperate need of...Just thinking of all of the feastive birthday and unbirthday dishes that I could use it for makes my mouth water. Its timeless elegance is certain to be the best seasoning that a foodie could ask for! :)


6 months ago Johannah

A pie box because there's no greater joy than bringing pie to a party. Happy birthday Provisions!


6 months ago Christine Charron

The best birthday present would be the Vitamix. I am the smoothie queen and the motor in my current blender is sound tired these days.


6 months ago Terri Foster

I have been wanting David Lebovitz's cookbook My Paris Kitchen for some time. I love his blog and would love to own one of his books.


6 months ago Tiki Tse

Happy Birthday! I would love the Copper Saute pan because my husband only allows me to buy cheap cookware and I can never brown meat properly!


6 months ago rhubarb! rhubarb! rhubarb!

happy birthday! I've been eyeing the (french or english) vintage copper saucepan.


6 months ago Aastha

I love that tart pan, it's so gorgeous. I want to make all sorts of delicious quiches and tarts with it!


6 months ago Benjamom

I would love a Vitamix blender for my birthday, which happens to be less than 2 weeks away!


6 months ago Talia

Happy birthday Provisions! For my first apartment, I'd love to have a piece of Food52 in my new kitchen in the form of the Endurance Stainless Steel Bowls


6 months ago MP

I love everything, but I could think of a million ways to use the large porcelain serving bowl. It is so practical and beautiful.


6 months ago Yael Lichtenstadt

Happy B-Day! I've recently moved countries and left all my kitchen behind, so I'm slowly building it back, piece by piece. I adore the Jadeite Cake Plate, actually, all things Jadeite...


6 months ago Randi Sherman

I really, really, really want a Piebox with the leather strap. I put it on my wedding registry, but no one bought it. I make really good pie, so I'm not sure why they don't want me to bring them any.


6 months ago Holly

VitaMix Professional Series 750 Blender, but anything from the site would also be great! I love the cookware! Happy Birthday! :)


6 months ago Rachael

I've been in love with the Pour la tourtière d'Annette Stoneware Pie Plate for so long! Not that one needs much inspiration to finish a pie, but seeing that lovely pattern at the bottom of the dish is an added treat. I even asked for the pie plate last year for my birthday, but since that wasn't to be, maybe this is the year!


6 months ago Allison T

I would love the Iconic Cookbook Set. My birthday is coming up on August 19. Happy Birthday to Provisions!


6 months ago Marie Kinney

The vintage copper sauté and crepe pan. For my husband because he is amazing and he would deserve such a beautiful pan.


6 months ago nancy keenan

any piece of vintage copper


6 months ago Jamie

There are so many lovely things in the's too terribly difficult to choose just one much-pined after item. The jadeite cake stand, however, may just fit the bill. I have just the spot for it, too!


6 months ago S R

I would love the Pickling crock!


6 months ago Anna Gryskevich

I can't believe you are only one! I absolutely love your site and would have thought you have been around longer..I can only imagine where you'll be in a few more! But, how to even pick! i am newly married and just starting out and we still don't have a good set of knives -i would love a good set of knives!


6 months ago Dana V

Is it really one year already? Congratulations! Seems like I have pining for Francis Palmer's Handmade Ceramic Bowl for almost that long. I frequently 'visit' it and sigh with admiration and longing. It's out of my budget though, so to win it in a contest would be so wonderful!


6 months ago Melissa Martinez

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now for the question at hand ... I would love love love to have a VitaMix Professional Series 750 Blender. I have had my eye on one forever. I decided to get a Ninja to go cheaper, and it broke down on me! Please help me correct the error of my (cheap) ways!


6 months ago Lela

Love Provisions! I would like to get the VitaMix 750 blender for my birthday, which is coming up. It is so useful for a healthy life!


6 months ago Nornee

If I could choose ANYTHING, I'd want a Vitamix blender. If I had to dial it back, I'd choose a smoke infuser. Happy Birthday, Provisions!


6 months ago Liz Bucec

A CakeBox would certainly be a handy little provision in my unitasker-free kitchen. Happy Birthday!


6 months ago Daniel

Happy Birthday - I'm loving the Handblown Lightweight Tumblers!


6 months ago arleneivana

The copper oval serving platter would elevate my dinner parties (even the dinner parties for 1)


6 months ago Cialina N

Happy Birthday! I always look forward to my Provisions emails.

I'm such a big fan of your products. Currently eyeing the Mason Cocktail Shaker.


6 months ago Tina

So much fun to be had with the Vitamix blender. I've craved a proper blender for years but just can't afford one.

A very happy birthday Provision! Such a brilliant site in so many ways.


6 months ago sharon

Happy Birthday Provisions. I have been wanting the Copper Mule cups for absolutely ever. My other favorite is the white porcelain pitcher with the unique handle. It is gorgeous. There are so many things I really like on your site, but I believe I have brought it down to those two. Happy Birthday.


6 months ago Rosanna Brock

The Happiest of Birthdays and hopes for many more. I love the Year in Cupcakes set, I make at least 6 dozen cupcakes a month and this would be perfect.


6 months ago Sj Dc

Would love the iconic cookbook set..would make such a great family heirloom for generations to come to spread the joy of food and cooking


6 months ago Matilda Luk

Happy birthday! I am a fan of all the serving platters, especially the Pillivuyt Patisserie Footed Cake Platter.


6 months ago Diane

I would love the Walnut Triangle Trivet Tray Set!


6 months ago Erin Segal

Happy Birthday Provisions! I love pretty much everything on your site, but if I had to narrow it down, I've wanted the perforated egg spoon forever. I have such a hard time with poached eggs, but love them, so it would be wonderful to see if this method would be easier for me!
Some of my other favorites are the "This is just to say" tea towel (I LOVE it), the recipe prints (the whole collection would look amazing simply framed on a wall in my kitchen), the Le Creuset heritage dutch oven in cherry (I've always wanted a Le Creuset, but it's a bit out of the budget for now), the year of bi-weekly kitchen letters (what an exciting thing to get in the mail), a subscription to Sweet Paul Magazine, the steel paella pan and the vintage blue mason jar soap dispenser, along with any of the spice collections or interesting oils, jams, spreads, etc. You guys have wonderful stuff! :)


6 months ago simplysandi

Happy 1st Birthday! I love the copper pans. It's a toss between the stew pot and the Vintage Copper English one.


6 months ago Julia

I would pick the Jadeite plates to match the beautiful cake platter I got as a wedding gift!!


6 months ago shahnnen knox

oh the fancy fish kettle. i swoon for old copper vessels.


6 months ago Rachel Snelling

Happy Happy Birthday! I love Provisions and have gotten so many helpful tips about cooking/baking from here! My dream would be to own the VitaMix Professional Series 750 blender. I blend, mix, and shake with <3 everyday with a blender that is not nearly as good as the VitaMix! I wish Provisions and very happy 1st birthday and many more to come! Thank you for this website and all the fabulous ideas for cooking, and my favorite hobby, baking!


6 months ago Tiffany

I love the Cake Box with strap. I'd take a Pie Box too...


6 months ago Susan

A gift if a welcome thought; as many have said, I'd be happy with anything from your site. But I've had my eye on the Pillivuyt Patisserie Footed Cake Platter for quite some time now. Do I need it to cook, no - but I would LOVE to have that beautiful piece! Any cake, birthday cake included, would taste better off of that lovely cake platter. :-) Happy birthday to you, and thank you for the recipes, inspirations, and products!


6 months ago Kathleen Sheridan

Have to have confetti and the birthday banner!


6 months ago Kelly J. R.

I would love the Pickling crock set. The cucumbers are starting to ripen in our garden and my husband is requesting pickles. We love antique Red Wing crocks and I think your pickling crock is something that we could pass down through the generations.


6 months ago Chef KC

I love the Cake and Pie Boxes! I bake a lot and would use them all the time :)


6 months ago Angela Cash

My dream birthday gift from Provisions would be the VitaMix Professional Series 750 Blender. I would use it for making smoothies, soups, hummus, and a variety of tasty desserts.


6 months ago robinlaverdiere

Happy Birthday!
I would select the vintage copper mold - I love old things, and have some of my mother's copper pans and molds!


6 months ago jenluna

Happy Birthday! I have been admiring the Pillivuyt Patisserie Footed Cake Platter for a long time.


6 months ago Tracy

Well then happy birthday to both of us, you layer cake slicing kits looks so cool, although I am more of a cookie baker. Never the less everything you post is amazing!!


6 months ago Kristina

Happy Birthday Provisions! I am in love with the Brooklyn Slate cheese board set, a must need in my life!


6 months ago Ute

I have been salivating over the 10" jadite cake plate and jadite cake plates for months. They are on my Christmas wish list. Happy Birthday! Your site is wonderful.


6 months ago MartiC

I love everything, but the cold coffee brewer would be my first choice right now :)


6 months ago Lauren

Hands down...the VitaMix Professional Series 750 Blender. I've been dying to get one, it would be the best birthday present ever!


6 months ago Kristie P

Happy Birthday!! The VitaMix is legit! It's so practical and would keep the gift of tasty and (hopefully) healthy gifts of deliciousness coming for many more birthdays!


6 months ago christine

I love the Brooklyn Slate cheese board set. It's the perfect size and comes with a knife and soapstone you use to write on the slate!


6 months ago Sondra Korteben

I just6 bought a cook book from your selection, it was for my son. After going through it I was thinking it would be nice to have a new cook book. They all looked interesting.


6 months ago acostilow

Happy birthday! I honestly...want everything on your site. XD I mean...really. Anything.


6 months ago Caitlin

There are so many things! I particularly love the big set of white Perceval French steak knives.


6 months ago Mary Janssen

I love all of your dinner plates. Happy 1 year Birthday!!!


6 months ago Alisha

Happy Birthday Provisions! I have had my eye on the cake slicing kit from the beginning! I would make birthday cake for my family (and strangers) all the time with it! Cheers to many more birthdays!


6 months ago Katie L.

Happy Birthday! I love the Brushstroke Regency Platter!


6 months ago Cindy Chen

the Pillivuyt Patisserie Footed Cake Platter! a cake tastes better when on a beautiful display!


6 months ago Asha Loupy

Happy birthday from foggy Oakland, California! Hard to make a choice from your selection, but the Iconic Cookbook Collection is so eye-catching, that would be the present I would love. Here is to an infinite number of years of fantastic food finds from Food52, cheers!


6 months ago nd

happy birthday! your website and display of products are beautiful, and your recipes seem to be exactly what i'm looking for before I know i'm looking for it! my dream gift would be a knife set, but i'd be pleased to get anything from your shop.


6 months ago Jill

Where would I begin as I love everything! But for practical reasons I would love the white Italian Kitchen Knives. I never owned a set knives which I know sounds crazy. These are both beautiful and functional.
Happy birthday!!!


6 months ago Lauren F

Where do I begin...I guess "everything" is too broad of a birthday gift request. I really dig the White-Handled Italian Kitchen Knives!


6 months ago natalie

the jadeite cake plate so i can make you a birthday cake! :)


6 months ago Samaria Léonard

Love love the glass Sake set, design perfection. I can always expect unique, innovative designs and products from Food52 and Provisions and that's what I love so much. Happy birthday!!!


6 months ago Sarah Goerzen

Happy Birthday! I would love a Vitamix, because it's been on my wishlist forever, even though it's not as pretty as so many of your products.


6 months ago Francesca

I'm in love with the White-Handled Italian Chef's Knife! But I'm even more in love with both Food52 and Provisions. I love that there are recipes for meals affordable even for me, a college student! And the selection of products on Provisions is always beautiful. Keep up the great work!


6 months ago Cora Shadwick



6 months ago Hannah

Happy, happy birthday! I'm moving to a new apartment and have to furnish it! I'm lacking in the kitchen supplies and would absolutely love the salad bowls ( in the blue pattern. They would be so special!


6 months ago kumalavula

i just came back into the country and was obsessing during the 15 hrs of transit how not to go wild at the farmers market with all the fruit and berries i missed at the beginning of the summer. I have more peaches than should be legal and have plotted a galette and a pie with some of the pluots and nectarines but. berry pie is also calling--and loud!
my one coveted item would be the pie dish with the intricate blue pattern on the inside. it makes me want to eat more and more slices so that it's slowly revealed! and then you know what that does? it creates a vicious cycle and i'd have to bake another pie once the first is gone!
happy birthday! thanks for all the great ideas and advice this last year.


6 months ago Shannon Brown

Happy First Birthday! I've been in love with your Jadeite Glass Cake Plate for a long time and would absolutely love to have it in my home. Cheers!


6 months ago rharrison

happy birthday! i, too, love the well-edited selection at provisions. i think my (practical) dream piece would be the yerba buena serving bowl. Best wishes to A&M and the provisions team.


6 months ago Brenda Duyan

Happy Birthday! Living in San Francisco, land of plentiful farmers' markets, I'd love one of your market bags - saw it in the Sunday NYTimes and fell in love.


6 months ago michel

I would love just about anything, I absolutely love 'provisions'. Your recipes make cooking enjoyable for me again, seriously and I am so covetous (true of so many of your items!Happy Happy Birthday, hope you all have many more to come.