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September 3, 2010 • 5 Comments

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Every weekday, we add something new -- and great -- to the Shop.

Today: Chemex from Blue Bottle

Chemex Blue Bottle

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about 4 years ago mtrelaun

@CoffeeNate recently posted very detailed instructions on how to get the best coffee using a Chemex. I like that he emphasized the "bloom" which has always been one of my favorites parts about the process:


about 4 years ago AmyRuth

I have one in the top of my cabinet. I am going to bring it out right now. Next, I'll go buy some really delish beans for brewing. YUM Thanks for the nudge. PS I have had mine for a long time
They make the best coffee with a little extra TLC.


about 4 years ago ogden kruger

Oh my, that reminds me of my "yute", the only pot my parents would ever use..after my dad died in the 80's, my Mom went electric, I have no idea what happened to it, but now I want one!! Thanks for this!!


about 4 years ago Gale

I am a very long time fan of Chemex coffee makers - at least 40 yrs. Love the smoothness and flavor of the coffee. But in the heat of summer, I am now enjoying Toddy cold brewing which makes the best iced coffee that's low acid. But it will always be Chemex for hot.


about 4 years ago Mwsmith05

Oh my I had one of those in college in the 80's . They still make them, I may have to pick one up for old time sake.