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UPDATE: Since we started previewing our new real-time food Q&A Foodpickle last week we've learned, among other things, how to sharpen a food processor blade and re-tin a French copper gratin pan, the best sources for banana leaves, and some very diverse opinions on gas vs. charcoal grilling.

We're officially launching Foodpickle today and we're adding some handsome rewards for the best answers. Each week we'll name the best Foodpickler, who'll win a prize worth up to $150 from Viking!

For more on Foodpickle, read on.

Foodpickle Beta

We're testing out an exciting new section of the site and we want your feedback. It's called foodpickle (because who among us hasn't been in a food pickle?).

We created foodpickle to resolve all your shopping and cooking troubles – in real time. The beauty of it is you can ask a question (on the site or on Twitter) no matter where you are -- at the stove, in the grocery store, at a street food cart in Thailand -- and get a super fast response delivered to you by email or direct message or an @ reply.

Aside from karma and the sheer satisfaction of helping your peers, you'll soon be able to earn recognition (and win sweet prizes) based on how often and how well you answer questions.

So give it a spin and let us know what you think, either in the comments section below or at [email protected] Thanks, and here's to happy pickling!

Foodpickle Twitter

Here's how it works:

Ask a question:

Tweet @foodpickle your question, or ask the question on the foodpickle section of food52, and our community of smart, informed food experts will leap to answer. We'll send you a message (email, direct message or @reply) as soon as the first answer to your question is posted, so you have on-the-spot assistance. And we'll continue to update you as more answers come in.

Answer questions:

Respond on the question's page on food52, or click on the links to questions broadcast on Twitter.

Keep up with the latest pickles:

Follow @foodpickle on Twitter to see questions and answers as they come in. You'll also see them on the activity log on food52, and you can check back to foodpickle section for recent & unanswered pickles.


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Comments (22)


almost 5 years ago luvcookbooks

Meg is a trusted home cook.

Can you put the questions and answers together somehow? The Twitter stream is confusing because I can't tell what question the answer belongs to... also the questions don't post to Twitter, unless I am missing something...


almost 5 years ago chrissyb

This is super cool. Yesterday I was wishing that my grandma was still here so I could ask her why on one cake it didn't rise but another cake rose.


almost 5 years ago digitalfoodie

Awesome idea!


almost 5 years ago Veronica

What a great addition! Have already received quite a few answers to my not very interesting question--and it's great fun reading other's queries. Thanks--this is truly innovative and exemplary of you two!


almost 5 years ago A Canadian Foodie

What a novel idea. I love people that think out of the box!


almost 5 years ago SallyCan

This is great! Since basically what I do with food52 is pepper people with questions, I am SO excited about this! Now I'll just ask everyone! Thanks!


almost 5 years ago Sodium Girl

Ooo so exciting! I'll be sending some low sodium pickles your way soon!


almost 5 years ago Loves Food Loves to Eat

I'm loving Food Pickle...except... the twitter feed. I really like the idea of being able to ask Food Pickle questions via twitter, and I'm interested in seeing tweets w/food pickle answers, but my twitter feed has been completely taken over and overwhelmed with Food Pickle responses, and for most of them I can't tell what the question was or get much use out of the tweet alone, without following the link into the site. I think it would be more useful and helpful to get a tweet that said "Want to know how to do X? Learn how here !" or "Try using X to do Y !" Instead of an entire feed of tweets that say things like "A: Butter!"

I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same pain, and if so, does anyone have suggestions for improving the twitter feed? I know my suggestions might be a lot more laborious for the F52 staff, and if there isn't a solution, I suppose I can always unfollow =).

All that being said, I love the concept!


almost 5 years ago Kristen Miglore

Kristen is the Executive Editor of Food52

Thanks so much for your feedback. We realize there are a lot of questions & answers in the stream right now -- we're working on a way to trim this down.


almost 5 years ago Savorykitchen

I'll add my voice to the twitter steam comments. I have the opposite response - I don't mind the Q&As being added to my stream at all. In fact I like seeing the activity go by. Hard to keep us all happy I'm sure! :-)


almost 5 years ago Lizthechef

It's a great idea, but, hopefully not too overwhelming for you and your hard-working staff. Looks like another winner!


almost 5 years ago thirschfeld

foodpickle is awesome because I finally get to use my "useless knowledge" as my wife calls it and then someone else comes along and I see new ways to do things and I gain more "useless knowledge". Trust me, "useless knowledge", is always said with lots of love.


almost 5 years ago SallyCan

Here's to Useless Knowledge!!!! (From someone who catalogs images in an art history database) And thank you for sharing your Useless Knowledge with us!


almost 5 years ago CatherineTornow

What a great addition! Looks great and so well built.


almost 5 years ago Merrill Stubbs

Merrill is a co-founder of Food52.

Thanks! ;)


almost 5 years ago Midge



almost 5 years ago shelovestocook

You ladies never cease to amaze. One small confusion: does the question have to contain a link?


almost 5 years ago Amanda Hesser

Amanda is a co-founder of Food52.

Thank you! The question does not need a link -- you may have seen links on Twitter, but that's just so people can find their way to the right question or answer on food52.


almost 5 years ago The Enchanted Cook

Love the concept and love the name! Super clever!


almost 5 years ago TheWimpyVegetarian

GREAT idea!!


almost 5 years ago luvcookbooks

Meg is a trusted home cook.

Great application for twitter.


almost 5 years ago thirschfeld

I think this is going to be a success.