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Short Rib Ragu

January 13, 2011 • 2 Comments

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over 3 years ago pepinthewicked

Is you simmer very low? Too much heat will toughen the meat. I find that sometimes I get over zealous when I'm searing my meats and that makes for a tough exterior. Sear hot and just long enough to get some color. Add your liquid and simmer covered on your stove at a low temperature. If you're using an oven, try to stay at about 325F. A 3 hour braise should soften most meats, but if your beef is really tough or lean, you might want to push it to a full 5 hours.


over 3 years ago pete_cunningham

I have a very basic short rib question. The last few times I've tried them with various recipes, my ribs do not come fork tender. Could I have braised them too long? Or could it be that they weren't braised long enough? I've tried both in the oven and on the stovetop, simmering for 3 hours or so,