How to Trim Artichokes

April 25, 2011 • 5 Comments

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In the video below, Amanda & Merrill demonstrate for The Today Show's Cooking School series how to get down to the good stuff of an artichoke -- the heart! -- without injury by choke or thorn.

Once freed from their protective gear, the hearts are ready for braising in olive oil or herbs or pan-frying, a la dymnyno's Heart of Gold (with creamy cumin-lime dipping sauce).

You can also watch a larger version of the video -- which was shot and edited by the multi-talented Katie Quinn -- here.



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Comments (5)


over 2 years ago Linda Teplitz

The inner leaves but not the choke are delicious and should be braised along with the heart and stem.


over 3 years ago VeggieAnna

Can you really cook the tomatoes/citrus in copper pot? Just curious...


over 3 years ago VeggieAnna

Sorry, I was commenting on another video where someone was making tomato marmalade in a copper pot but somehow the comment posted here. :(


over 3 years ago KatieQ

I daresay that Amanda and Merrill have more fun in the kitchen than anyone I've ever met. It's always a pleasure shooting with you two!


over 3 years ago Helen's All Night Diner

That's great! I love seeing you two.