Feast Your Eyes

Feast Your Eyes

June 10, 2011 • 2 Comments

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We eat with our eyes too -- it's a fact. So, this week, we thought we'd have a close look at the eye-catching submissions for Your Best Soda Fountain Recipe.

The Israeli Summer, aka Sparkling Limonana by kmartinelli

The Israeli Summer, aka Sparkling Limonana


Peony Ice Cream with a Blackberry Honey Swirl by Dabblings

Peony Ice Cream with Blackberry Honey Swirl


Cherry & Thai Basil Soda by wcfoodies

Cherry & Thai Basil Soda


Cucumber Basil Spritzer by HealthyDelicious

Cucumber Basil Spritzer


Roasted Rhubarb Limeade by Kitchen Butterfly

Roasted Rhubarb Limeade


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Comments (2)


over 3 years ago Dabblings

Oh that feels good! Thank you :) Food photography is a lot harder for me than any other thing I take pictures of.


over 3 years ago Kitchen Butterfly

Yay. Thank you..... I agree with a fellow food52er, Burnt Offerings who said 'This is easily one of my favorite posts of the week. Such amazing photography on this site! I often think it would mean as much, or more to be featured here, than to win a contest. Thanks for the inspiration and aspiration.'

Thank you X X X