Peko Peko: A Cookbook for Japan

June 27, 2011 • 4 Comments

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peko peko cookbook  japanese cookbook

Next time you're feeling peckish, just say "peko peko" (an onomatopoetic Japanese phrase that imitates the rumblings of a hungry stomach).

It's also the perfect name for the cookbook project spearheaded by food writer Stacie Billis when last March's 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami devastated Japan. In less than 3 months, Billis (you may know her as One Hungry Mama, of food52's Wildcard-winning Blueberry Almond Breakfast Polenta) led the charge in producing Peko Peko: Family-Friendly Japanese Recipes, a hopeful, beautiful cookbook to benefit disaster relief in Japan. 100% of the proceeds ($11.45 of every purchase) goes to GlobalGiving to support Japan. Every other penny goes to printing and shipping, nothing else.

We're also thrilled that two of the 50+ recipes in Peko Peko are favorites from right here at food52: timWuNotWoo's Misoyaki Roast Chicken with Shoyu Onion Sauce and Teri's Quick Cucumber and Shiso Pickles!

Go here to learn more about the book and buy a copy!

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about 3 years ago Sasha (Global Table Adventure)

I actually bought this a week or two ago.. it is a great collection of recipes - everything from authentic dishes to fun fusion. And I'll definitely be using the food glossary when I cook Japan (called the basics, towards the front). Looking forward to trying some of them. Great cause!


about 3 years ago Kitchen Butterfly

Thank you for opening up a world of great Japanese recipes - I ? Japanese food and through Peko Peko I've discovered a world of amazing blogs!


about 3 years ago Arathi

What a great idea! Any idea if this book is available in stores? I have a friend's birthday to go to tomorrow and this would be a great gift, but I don't think I have time to order it online.


about 3 years ago Sagegreen

Great gift idea! If you can't find it on time, you could consider printing out the 2 recipes we have on Food52 and making a gift card with a print of the book cover, announcing it as a gift on the way. Just a thought.