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Garnish: Gifts For $10 or Less

By • December 8, 2011 • 0 Comments

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Garnish: Gifts Under $10

No need to run yourself ragged searching for nifty gifties at an affordable price point because we’ve done the work for you! These ideas pack a lot of punch and show gratitude without breaking the bank.

1. Stemmarkers (Unicahome) $10
Perfect for helping folks remember which glass was theirs.

2. “Food Sayings” Coaster Set (Communal Table) $6
A sweet set of four letterpressed coasters.

3. Hungry Squid Bag (Archie McPhee) $7.05
Squid FTW!

4. Switchit Silicone All-Purpose Spatula (Sur La Table) $10
This is like having two spatulas in one.

5. Christmas Fir Sachet (Need Supply Co.) $10
The smell of the holidays without the pine needle mess.

6. Steep Up to the Plate Teabag Rest (Fishs Eddy) $6.95
Give your teabag a place to lay its weary little self.

7. Matchstick Garden (Rare Device) $3
Plant these in some soil and watch an herb or wildflower garden sprout.

8. Cookie Yummypocket Pouch (MoMA) $8
Almost as good as the real thing...

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