What's for Lunch, Dot?

July 15, 2009 • 1 Comment

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Appreciating those with great food blogs!

At What's for Lunch, Dot?, Meredith Shanley features food she makes at home for the people she loves. Her site has many charms: her strong convictions ("Let’s face it. Apple pie is really a French invention.") and recipes that are creative and inspired. Click the photo to read about Meredith's Greens, Eggs, and Ham, a healthy take on the Dr. Seuss classic. So check out her site, and soon you'll be looking forward to her posts as much as we do! - Helen

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about 5 years ago Meredith Shanley

Wow, what a fresh voice! Love this blog. Haha, thanks a million for picking "What's For Lunch, Dot" for the first Reciprocity. I won't let you down! Good luck with Food52...everything looks great.