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Sardine Butter

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Sardine Butter by cristinasciarra

WHO: cristinasciarra lives in Brooklyn, is getting her MFA in writing, and loves to travel.
WHAT: A simple French-inspired butter of sardines with a kiss of lemon and chives for depth.
HOW: Mashing the butter and sardines takes nothing but a fork -- no special equipment required!
WHY WE LOVE IT: This is butter with some body, able to stand up to the crustiest bread and sturdiest cracker. It keeps well, too!

Sardine Butter

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Every ingredient counts: butter, sardines, lemon, and chives.

Sardine Butter

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Chop the chives finely and set them aside. Set your knife aside too -- no more chopping in this recipe!

Sardine Butter

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Sardines! You gotta love 'em. We emptied the whole can of sardines in oil into a strainer.

Sardine Butter

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Amanda deftly halves each sardine before roughly chopping the whole bunch.

Sardine Butter

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Time to slide the sardines into the butter!

Sardine Butter

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Amanda sets in, mashing the sardines and butter with a sturdy fork. It helps to have the butter at a true room temperature -- just on this side of soft.

Sardine Butter

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Getting there! Make sure there are no big clumps -- you're aiming for a smooth, spreadable texture.

Sardine Butter

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When the sardines are mashed to your liking, add the lemon juice. Just half of one will do!

Sardine Butter

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We poured the juice into the bowl through a strainer to catch any errant seeds.

Sardine Butter

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Give the lemon juice and chives a quick stir, check for seasoning, and you're done!

Sardine Butter

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Those toast points are calling out for sardine butter.

Sardine Butter

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We could just spoon it on.

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