3 Gorgeous Recipes We Love

By • April 12, 2012 • 2 Comments

Each week, we bring you three gorgeous recipes we love from around the web. This week, they're all about rhubarb - in crisps and in a tart. 

Stephanie of desserts for breakfast shares a super simple recipe for rhubarb tarts. With a touch of vanilla bean and brown sugar for sweetness, and a dollop of orange-honey fromage blanc, these tarts allow rhubarb to shine.

{photo by Stephanie Shih of desserts for breakfast}

Spring in a cup. That's what Hélène of Tartelette calls these rhubarb and strawberry crisps. Paired with crème fraîche ice cream, they are perfect for a spring dinner party and equally as delicious when eaten the next day. 

{photo by Hélène Dujardin of Tartelette}

Jen, who has never had rhubarb before, also made a crisp. But, hers is slightly different. For one, it is a rhubarb crisp, no strawberries included, letting the rhubarb take center stage. And, she adds nuts to her crisp topping, lending the dessert a pleasant nuttiness. 

{photo by Jen Altman of Nectar}

It's difficult to choose which recipe to make. So, we might just have to make them all! 

What are your favorite recipes for rhubarb?

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over 2 years ago Merrill Stubbs

Merrill is a co-founder of Food52.

Those tarts are gorgeous!


over 2 years ago nzle

I LOVE the whole rhubarb stalks in the tart -- I have to try that!