Miniature Meals

By • April 19, 2012 • 1 Comment

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Would you like some cabbage? Oh, too bad, there's not enough -- it's literally the size of a penny.

Our senior editor Kristen showed us these teeny-tiny 1/12-size food sculptures from Israeli artist Shay Aaron. (It's okay, we cooed over them too.) There are hundreds of photographs of different food items -- bananas (peeled, of course), pizzas, macarons the size of a matchstick's tip -- and he sells them as jewlery on Etsy.

They're so impossibly tiny and delicious-looking! Oh, to be a doll and live on a diet of miniature fake food.

Shay Aaron Miniatures

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over 2 years ago Brianne Du Clos

I spent HOURS looking through these photos last week. The cabbage was by far my favorite. They're beautiful works of art. Now if I could just decide which to buy!