Rise and Shine: Early Bird Gets The Cranberry Nut Rolls

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We have a lot of late-night food rituals: midnight snacks, 3am post-party burger runs, cold pizza cravings... We could go on, but we risk embarrassing ourselves. One thing that never occured to us, though? Forgoing instant gratification to use those dawdle-friendly evening hours as preptime for a delicious morning treat. Whodathunk? NPR's Kitchen Window, for one, who compiled a handy mini-index of "Overnight Breakfasts." The dishes range from Fresh Muesli to Baked French Toast, and each recipe is conventiently broken down by "the night before" and "the day after" — by the time you wake up, all you have do is pop 'em in the oven! Even if you're a natural early bird, that's gotta feel great. 

Overnight Breakfast: A Feast For Relucant Risers from NPR's Kitchen Window

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