Breaking into the Cult of Domesticity

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In my parent's generation it was highly uncommon to have a father who cooked, let alone one who cooked well or was aware of the nutritive value of what he was making. My grandmother, a busy working author, has cooked dinner for her husband nearly every night of their 65-year marriage. 

A piece from Time Magazine's Healthland points out that this so-called "cult of domesticity" is nearly as obsolete as the prototypical nuclear family with a working father and stay-at-home mom. Increasingly, the men are responsible for meal planning, food shopping, and cooking; Gen X men are significantly more aware of their food choices than were their fathers. 

As a man in a typically female-dominated kitchen, I have to say I am glad to see the paradigm shift. But we still have some work to do. Married women typically cook 12 meals a week -- married men only cook 8. 

Generation X: Men Spend More TIme in the Kitchen from Time Magazine's Healthland

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