Watching the Garden Grow

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Sometime around the age of eight, grade school curriculum dictates that you must grow some kind of bean out of some kind of impromptu container. For me, it was lima and egg carton, respectively. The lessons gleaned from such experiments were usually associated with chlorophyll, or photosynthesis, (or both), but there’s so much more to learn.

The value of homegrown food, for example. Or the taste of different produce and herbs, the importance of healthy eating. The Kitchn gives tips on how to teach your kids all of these things through herb gardening. If you’d like, you can still tell them all about the process by which plants harness the sun’s energy, but we’re betting they’ll find putting the basil they’ve just grown on homemade pizza a lot more entertaining.

Plant a Healthier Future With Your Kids: Tips for Herb Gardening with Children from The Kitchn

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