Do You Have a Favorite Spatula?

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Careful readers of FOOD52 will have realized that unbeknownst to each other, my mother cookingProf and I have both listed our spatulas as our most treasured kitchen posessions. Mine is a rubber one, perfect for cleaning a bowl of every bit of cake batter. My mom's is made of black plastic and has helped unstick countless pots of potato-crusted rice.

In Leite's Culinaria, writer Rick Casner pens a beautiful ode to his spatula, a metal one with a stainless steel handle. Perfect for flipping eggs and fish -- as well as thwacking on the counter with a satisfying "wrang!" -- Casner is heartbroken when it breaks. His story is sweet reminder of the roles that inanimate objects play in our lives. Do you have a favorite spatula?

My One and Only Spatula from Leite's Culinaria

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