The Stem Gem: Unitasking at its Silliest

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File this one under: absurd kitchen items that I must have

The stem gem, designed for removing leaves and hulls from strawberries, is a one-use, aptly decorated, and utterly silly kitchen appliance. It is certainly not a kitchen essential - if only for the reason that everything it does can be accomplished by a paring knife and a bit of skill. So what about it has Debbie Currie, Serious Eats resident gadget tester, drooling? Well, it actually works - an not just on strawberries, but on tomatoes too. 

But let's be honest, the real draw of the Stem Gem is the aesthetic - it is cheerful and pretty. But the fact that it leaves neat, identical holes in the top of every strawberry has some chef's wondering: did we need it along along and simply not realize? 

Gadgets: The Stem Gem from Serious Eats

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