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Editors' Picks -- Week 29

January 7, 2010 • 5 Comments

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over 4 years ago JoyManning

Ditto, Lastnightsdin. Thanks for the shout out and what a tasty buffet of ideas.


over 4 years ago Lizthechef

This is such fun that I am already counting down our remaining weeks and wondering what I will do after food 52 finishes. Meanwhile, if this isn't too forward a question, how on earth do you afford the food and supplies to test all these recipes?


over 4 years ago Amanda Hesser

Amanda is a co-founder of Food52.

Book advance and loans -- bootstrapping. We appreciate your support and involvement in the site.


over 4 years ago ENunn

Wow. What an interesting and lovely sounding array. Go food52!


over 4 years ago lastnightsdinner

Thanks, ladies! I'm in great company! :)