To Coddle an Egg

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Here’s a new technique for cooking eggs that will make scrambling seem barbarian, frying, too easy. Next time you decide on eggs, coddle them.

The word means to “protect attentively,” and when it comes to the cooking of eggs, that’s effectively what you’re doing. Coddling is the gentlest way to cook an egg, and it will result in a set white and a delightfully still-runny yolk, all contained in a coddler. (Into which you hopefully threw some other delicious things; this article uses bacon, scallions, and shiitakes.)

For the purposes of demonstration, this article uses dainty little bird-emblazoned coddlers, but we’re confident you can gently cook an egg in whatever kind of coddler you have in your kitchen. Or, use that small ramekin-looking thing that you found at a roadside tag sale and you never knew what to do with. It’s likely a coddler.

Coddling the Egg from Epicurious

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