Queso, Tortilla Chips, and Memories

By • June 15, 2012 • 2 Comments

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Velveeta, Rotel, tortilla chips, and memories: you might not pair the latter with the first three, but that's exactly what Sarah Hepola -- Salon writer, personal essayist, and (full disclosure) my friend -- does in this gorgeous piece from Gilt Taste.

If you've ever longed for something even as you knew it wasn't what you really wanted and needed any more -- or hell, if you've ever craved Velveeta -- this is for you: Sarah links her Texas upbringing, her years in New York, and her eventual return to her hometown together in a stream of memories linked together with a plate of cheese dip and chips.

When the Queso Dripped Like Honey from Gilt Taste

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over 2 years ago Tracy A.

I have been eating Rotelle, Velveeta, and the occasional addition of cooked sausage, for decades. I don't eat it often - which is why I still here - but it is one of my comfort go-to foods. That - a bag of nacho chips and "Notting Hill" and I am seriously set for a rainy afternoon!


over 2 years ago TXExpatInBKK

I found myself nodding at everything you said! I miss good queso... I can't find RoTel in Bangkok. Maybe I can request it in my next box from home.