Glass Potato Chips

By • June 25, 2012 • 2 Comments

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File this one under: Things Willy Wonka himself could not have come up with. 

Looking for a time consuming, yet nonetheless awesomely scientific kitchen project? Behold - the glass potato chip. Made from fairly simple ingredients (potatoes, salt, water, and potato starch), these are more than a salty snack, they are work of architectural wonder. 

Check out a slide show from the Huffington Post, and detailed instructions (with helpful step-by-step pictures) from Instructables.com

Potato Chips: A Complicationed But Stunning Snack from The Huffington Post

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Comments (2)


about 2 years ago witloof

A "Complicationed" snack?


about 2 years ago Kt4

heehee, so glad i'm not the only one who caught that ;)