All the Pretty Aprons

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No matter how much we associate them with yellow-wallpapered kitchens and madeleine molds, aprons haven’t always been so girly. The wearing of them, actually, was pioneered by men all the way back in the 12th century who needed something to keep them clean while working. Since we still use them for the same reason, Gardenista gives us a few of their favorite options that are functional, and pretty stylish, if we do say so. Their neutral colors and simple fabrics also make them completely free of the madeleine-making stereotype, though if you really insisted, we wouldn't argue the making of these.

Work Aprons: Keeping Clean While Getting Dirty
from Gardenista

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about 2 years ago kitchenwlittleb

Normally, I'd embrace the functionality over the aesthetic, but this http://www.anthropologie... was just given to me as a gift. Not gonna lie, love prancing around in it.

Functionally I like aprons because then the oil that sprays out of my pan doesn't ruin (yet another) shirt/dress of mine.