Salad Timing is Everything

By • June 27, 2012 • 2 Comments

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We borrow a lot of things from France - their bread, their macarons, their Nicoise salad - but do we also borrow their dinner traditions?

In French culture, salad is eaten after the main meal, as a sort of palate cleanser before the dessert or cheese (or both) comes out. In America, we’ve been known to reverse that entirely, starting a meal off with our greens, and following with the larger, more substantial main. Like French recipes, is this a tradition that we’d like to borrow as well? Let us know in the comments: when do you eat your salad?

Cultural Differences: Salad Before or After Dinner? from The Kitchn

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about 2 years ago dymnyno

After, the main course is paired with a red wine (usually, because that is our wine) and then the salad course is often combined with the cheese course.


about 2 years ago AntoniaJames

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After, always, when it isn't the main dish (which is happening a lot as we move into summer). When it's just the family eating, I toss the salad immediately before we start the main dish. This way, the dressing soaks up juices from the salad ingredients, and to soften the greens a bit. ;o)