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Too Many Cooks: What's your Favorite Food Movie?

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You'll be hearing from the staff at FOOD52 every week in Too Many Cooks, our group column in which we pool our answers to questions about food, cooking, life, and more.

We've talked about favorite gadgets and guilty pleasures, now on to something a little more visual: this week's question is, what's your favorite food movie?

These video clips should do a thorough job of sending you off into the weekend. Post your favorite food movies (and TV shows, why not) in the comments!

My Big Fat Greek Wedding
: Also, "A bon...a bont...a bundt?"

Big Night
Peter S.: "After seeing it, my good friend Sim decided that a timpano must be tried. He made a delicious one and now makes it an annual event."
Jennifer V.: "I got engaged the night I saw it -- that's what I call the perfect date night!"

: It isn't exactly a food movie but I loved when Meryl Streep said "rice pudding is a very personal thing" -- my feelings exactly. And when she slams the key lime pie in his face!

The Parent Trap II
Kristen: In one scene around 1:04:15, the girls make cookies and dump in bags of M&Ms, chocolate chips, jelly beans, marshmallows, etc. I very sincerely wanted to be them. This might explain some things (like the Sprite & cookies 'n cream floats).

It Takes Two
Brette: My favorite food scene ever -- EVER -- is the food fight scene in the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie It Takes Two.

Nozlee: It's kind of sad, and kind of cheesy, but mostly adorable. Also, pie!

Stephanie: There is an episode of King of the Hill where Hank joins the food co-op that I just love. On eating the tomatoes from the co-op versus those from the Mega-lo-mart, Peggy says, "If this is food, what have we been eating?" Also, "The puns about food get a little tiring -- peanut better, fakin' bacon, turkey burger." It's just the very best.

Babette's Feast
: That scene where they all sit down to dinner (finally) seems pulled directly out of my dinner party dreams.


No Reservations

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Comments (36)


about 1 year ago Dorisq

Anyone who likes "No Reservations" needs to watch "Mostly Martha" the original is far better than the remake. Also the first two film clips are not available.


about 3 years ago susan g

In addition to the scenes in Eat Drink Man Woman and Tom Jones already mentioned:
Two Korean TV series (from Netflicks), The Grand Chef and Alone in Love -- foods is like another character in many of the scenes.


about 3 years ago smslaw

Eating Raoul. Gotta love those sexy cannibals.


about 3 years ago jacksonholefoodie

I love the scene in The Godfather in which Clemenza teaches Michael how to make marinara sauce; "You never know when you'll have to cook for 20 guys".


about 3 years ago fatbabylarry

I am Love
Simply Irresistible
I Love You to Death


about 3 years ago creamtea

Babette's Feast.
Like Water for Chocolate.
The Trip--the restaurant scenes are so sly!


about 3 years ago deanna1001

Big Night...that final scene is killer. Babette's Feast and Ratatouille are close seconds. Also loved Mostly Martha and Chocolat...but Big Night still reigns supreme.


about 3 years ago alme

So many! To start with
Tampopo--Japanese film about a woman who aspires to make the best noodles in Tokyo.
Tom Jones--you'll never look at asparagus the same way again
It's Complicated


about 3 years ago Summer of Eggplant

When I think of food in a movie Pulp Fiction always comes to mind.


about 3 years ago eeuforiee

I like film Soul Kitchen.


about 3 years ago Panfusine

You've covered my favorites, chocolat & my big fat greek wedding.. others I'd add .. Mistress of spices, & a bollywood movie - 'Cheeni Kum'... The description of 'Hyderabadi Zafrani Biryani' can drive you nuts!


about 3 years ago Omeletta

Ruthy is a Recipe Tester for Food52

The opening scene in Eat, Drink, Man, Woman is my FAVORITE- I can watch it over and over. And Moonstruck! Everything in that movie eventually comes back to food, and the dinner table. Love it.


about 3 years ago thirschfeld

why doesn't Moonstruck ever come up?


about 3 years ago Lizthechef

Big Night - one of my first dates with my husband, some 16 years ago - we were so in love and raced off to an Italian restaurant after the movie ended. Ahh...


about 3 years ago wutsfasupa

Babette's Feast
Mostly Martha
Eat, Drink, Man, Woman


about 3 years ago bluechefk

"Dinner Rush" is my favorite - the scenes in the kitchen (also scenes of chef shmoozing the FOH patrons) are THE most like working in an actual restaurant kitchen of any I've ever seen! The same reason I love the British TV series "Whites" - VERY true to life :D


about 3 years ago Tracy A.

"Chocolat" - Johnny Depp - I mean seriously - how could it be anything but!?


about 3 years ago pqmommy

Babette's Feast and Tampopo!


about 3 years ago Miafoodie

One ofr my favorites, Like Water for Chocolate. . . .


about 3 years ago pierino

pierino is a trusted source on General Cooking and Tough Love.

It's impossible not to love "Big Night". But here's a total geek pick; "Dinner Rush" with Danny Aielo as a restaurant owner who is getting squeezed by the mob. I can't think of another film that actually captures what a restaurant kitchen is really like when it's getting slammed. John Corbett has a small but pivotal part. And as Aielo say's of the Corbett character; "he's a good kid. Works on Wall Street." Except that's just his day job.


about 3 years ago pierino

pierino is a trusted source on General Cooking and Tough Love.

Regarding "No Reservations"; it's almost a frame by frame remake of the film "Mostly Martha" (Germany). Watch the original, it's really good.


about 3 years ago nzle

I had no idea -- I'll have to track that down!