The Cheeses of Italy

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If you thought the French had a monopoly on fine cheese, think again. While Italy might be best known for its pizzas, pastas and cured meats, the diversity and quality of their cheeses rivals even the best French collections. Sure, you've got your basics like parmigianoricotta and mozzarella. But that's just where it begins. 

Lucky for us, our friends over at Serious Eats have compiled a round up of their 9 favorite Italian cheeses. They've got everything from pungent Fontina d'Aosta and classic Provolone to creamy Robiola Piemonte and flavorful Pecorino Toscano. 

Check out their slide show, and tell us about your favorite Italian cheeses below! 

9 Awesome Italian Cheeses Everyone Should Know from Serious Eats


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