New Candying Candidates

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Candying is incredibly uncomplicated: cook in simple syrup and dry. The result is heavenly: sweet, chewy, with a touch of crunch from the sugar. This week, treehugger expands the process past the ordinary roots, peels, and nuts, with a series of recipes for some unusual foods that also perform well when drenched in sugar. Some favorites include: beets, strawberries, horseradish, and ginger. 

They also discuss the use of alternate sugars - is granulated the only means of candying? Turns out no. Maple syrup, honey and any number of other sweeteners can be substituted for a flavor change up. The best part about their unusual candying candidates is that many are kitchen scraps - vanilla beans without the seeds, herbs and flowers, pumpkin seeds, and little bits of ginger can be turned into a crowd-favorite that makes even the most mundane salad interesting. 

8 Odd Things You Can Candy, From Beets to Vanilla Beans from TreeHugger

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