Breakfasts at Work are Meals, Too

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This morning for breakfast, I had coffee, a date, and some pita crackers that were left over in our office. Clearly, I’m in need of a little help. If you’re like me, and the bustle of the morning deludes your brain into classifying scraps as an appropriate breakfast, flip through this slideshow before tomorrow, on quick breakfasts to take to work. Or, How to Not Do What I Do. (My lunch was much better, I promise.) 

There’s breakfast quinoa, kale smoothies, and a whole slew of recipes almost too healthy for me to wrap my head around before 8 in the morning. And while you’ll probably never find me bruleeing my morning half-a-grapefruit (ever), I could probably swing a smoothie and a hard boiled egg. Probably. 

No Time for Breakfast? Nonsense! Take It To Work With One of These Quick Ideas from Bon Appetit


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