Summer Food Fights

Summer Food Fights: The Highlight Reel

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For the past two weeks, we've hosted our own Summer Food Fights on FOOD52 -- come play along!

Food Fights

The cream has been whipped. The caramel has been poured. The kitchens have been fussed with; the cherpumple has been sliced; the pork belly fat has been all used up. Whip up some snacks and check out the highlights of The FOOD52 Summer Food Fights -- and all of the sticky, sweaty, messy glory.

Tamar Adler and FOOD52-er AntoniaJames both made a pork belly last forever. Check out their Everlasting Pork Bellies here and here.

Everlasting Pork Belly

• We presented the bronze, silver, and gold medals (or Le Creuset braisers, to be exact) for Your Best Kitchen Hacks: Hacking a Cold Smoker, How to Avoid Mincing Ginger, and The Small Kitchen Kitchen Hack.

• We hosted a Sticky Toffee Pudding Style-Off between Heidi Swanson, Todd Coleman, Karen Mordechai, and us. Check out the results here -- and vote!

Sticky Toffee Pudding

• Amanda and Kristy competed in the hardest sport of them all: sychronized kitchen fussing

• We and Serious Eats accomplished the impossible: constructing two successful variations on chermpumple. What's a cherpumple? Check. It. Out.


The FOOD52 staff competed in a mind-blowing, nail-biting, tear-inducing Whisk-Off.

The Whisk Off

• Classically-trained Merrill and FOOD52 developer Amanda Li faced off in The Mirepoix Triathlon.

Mirepoix Triathalon


Thanks to all that participated -- and congrats to all that brought home the glory!




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