A 3D Food Printer?

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I have read this article three times now, and if I'm being totally honest, I'm still not sure what this machine (Burritob0t: A 3D Tex Mex Printer) does. Or rather, my notion of what it does seems tremendously futuristic, and completely inconceivable. The Burritob0t is the work of of Marko Manriquez, a student at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications program. It is a "printer" that customizes burittos based on an iphone interface. Basically, it makes burritos using disposable tubes of food and an elaborate assembly-line type machine. 

Machines like this, it seems, are the future of food, but Manriquez says that his bot is intended to start a dialogue about the food we eat, as well as provide (delicious?) mechanized burritos. His computerized approach to food is really no different than the assembly-line approach used by fast food companies, though. Is 3D printing the next step in food production?  

Burritob0t: A 3D Tex Mex Printer of Hangover Helpers from Good Technology



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