Tastes Like Green Paste

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We always cringe a little when a talk show features a chef guest. Despite their best efforts to spice it up, the cooking segments almost always follow a stale recipe, which is perfectly parodied in the video above by professional Blue Man Tobias Funke—sorry, we mean hilarious bearded comedian David Cross.

In a sketch from IFC's Comedy Bang! Bang!, Cross plays a chef named Bellini Pastafangu who makes a lovely chorizo paella out of green blocks and goo while wearing a skin-tight green bodysuit. It has all the ingredients of a Today Show Segment, including the inane chatter and cut-aways to the musical guest. Putting the cherry on our proverbial sundae is Pastafangu's delightfully uncomfortable catchphrase: "Get ready to take that rumble and move it from your stomach to your butt!" Hey, if he didn't say it, it wouldn't be a catchphrase.

Watch David Cross Spoof Talk Show Cooking Segments from Bon Appetit (via Eater)

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