Meat-Free McDonald's

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In what can only be described as a surefire sign of the apocalypse, McDonald's has opened up its first all-vegetarian location.  Unfortunately, we'll have to travel all the way to Amritsar, India to sample meat-free offerings such as the McAloo Tikki Burger, a spicy, fried potato patty topped with red onions and a "special vegetable sauce."

Why has McDonald's gone meatless in India? Simply put, a large percentage of the population is vegetarian. Hindus hold cows sacred, and the country's Muslims eschew pork. Vegetarian offerings are a dependable way to increase the market in India, where McDonald's currently has only 271 restaurants.  Plans are already underway for another vegetarian-only location in Kashmir, India. The choice of Amritsar and Kashmir for the new meat-free menu is due to the fact that both are popular pilgrimage locations, where meat consumption is highly frowned upon.

McDonald's Goes Vegetarian -- In India From NPR

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