Amanda's Kids' Lunch

A Post-Modern Jewish Deli Sandwich

By • August 15, 2013 • 8 Comments

Every week we take a peek inside the lunches of the luckiest kids in Brooklyn. Read on, suppress your jealousy, and get a little brown bag inspiration. 

Amanda's Kids' Lunch from FOod5

The cucumbers, kale, and cherries from our CSA inspired today's lunch. Every weekend, my kids and I go for a run (I run, they scooter) through a local park, and we end our workout at a small local grocery where they sell good bread and chocolates. This past weekend, I picked up a loaf of Hot Bread Kitchen rye, the unsung hero of the sandwich world. 

I spread the rye with cream cheese and laid down a blanket of smoked salmon. I topped this with some shredded kale and pickled onion, and declared it a post-modern Jewish deli sandwich. On the side, I added some cucumbers, which our babysitter had sliced and salted, and fresh cherries, and sent the kids off to wall-climbing and skateboarding camp.  

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Comments (8)


12 months ago beejay45

Um...Amanda? Do you deliver?


12 months ago Brette Warshaw

If you can get your hands on it, Eli's health bread is my favorite vehicle for smoked salmon. Going to try all these additions next time!


12 months ago Kenzi Wilbur

Kenzi is the Managing Editor of Food52.

Eli's is so good!


12 months ago mrslarkin

Mrs. Larkin is a trusted source on Baking.

It's like crack! I just picked up a loaf at costco for the first time. (I try not to pass the bakery dept too often, as it could suck you right in.)


12 months ago lastnightsdinner

Have you tried the Finnish Ruis bread at the Union Square Greenmarket? The little rounds are my favorite base for smoked/cured fish these days.


12 months ago Ollie Zhang

YES! I live a block away and they always have samples of the gluten-free health loaf. I love to grab a piece while I'm buying their cheese and bread, which are the only reasonably priced items there in my opinion...


11 months ago KristiW

While I'm not near such good bakeries, I can get by with Deutsche Kuche pumpernickel, dark whole rye or sunflower seed bread at Aldi's.


12 months ago sexyLAMBCHOPx

Your kids are sophisticated diners.