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Travel Photo Contest Finalists, Round 2

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Here's the second round of finalists in our travel food photo contest with Tablet Hotels. We'll post one more batch of finalists tomorrow (you can see the first group here).

Tell us your favorites in the comments section below -- we'll take your votes into consideration as we determine the winner of the super swanky grand prize (2 nights at Healdsburg Modern Cottages near Napa and $400 in OXO kitchenware).


  • Mace and Nutmeg: Cochin, India
  • Paul Joseph, Cochin, India
  • Spice Bazaar: Istanbul
  • Lynne Lasser, Istanbul
  • Calcotada: Valls, Spain
  • Sara Drower, Valls, Spain
  • Veggies: Thimphu, Bhutan
  • Mike Parker, Thimphu, Bhutan
  • Pan con Tomate
  • Alanna Hale
  • Rambutan: Hilo, Hawaii
  • Jodi Freedman, Hilo, Hawaii
  • Making Strawberry Jam in Santa Rosa de Lima
  • Leslie Schlumberger Garcia, Santa Rosa de Lima
  • Man with Chicken and Red Purse: Man with red purse and live chicken, Li Jiang, Yunnan, China.
  • Tai Power Seeff, Li Jiang, Yunnan, China


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Comments (23)


about 5 years ago Abs

The Sara Drower photo...reminds me of a John Singer Sargent painting.


about 5 years ago Hanalei_Joanna

5th from the top, Alanna Hale's, b/c that photo makes me want to eat whatever it is, NOW. If it makes my mouth water like that, winner.


about 5 years ago vvvanessa

that last china picture is one of those pictures i wish i'd taken. it's fantastic.


about 5 years ago Mardi (eat. live. travel. write.)

Chicken and handbag, hands down!


about 5 years ago solmstea

Yunan, no question.


about 5 years ago joao luiz

Sara Drower, Valls, Spain picture is very interesting! I can almost smell the onions cooking.


about 5 years ago Mariya

I definitely agree that Li Jiang, Yunnan, China is the most interesting out of these! What a great shot!


about 5 years ago AppleAnnie

The Bhutan market photo is so gorgeous I would love to hang it on my wall. I am also drawn to the photo of strawberry jam cooking in Santa Rosa de Lima, something magically mysterious, like the Witches cauldrons in Macbeth, although not sinister in this scene.


about 5 years ago shayma

i vote for Paul Joseph's photo. it's amazing. (they are all amazing!)


about 5 years ago Allison Cay Parker

Top photo--I'm gathering from other comments that it's nutmeg?! Wow. That's incredible. Never seen that before. Love the color, love the rugged, cupping hands. Next, I have to say I like the one from Bhutan. But finally, without qualification, my heart's been won by the (deservedly popular) "purse and chicken" photo. So unique!


about 5 years ago Allison Cay Parker

By the way, people are assuming it's a man... not sure that's the case. Might make it more interesting, but regardless--a great shot!


about 5 years ago thirschfeld

I don't care how many times I see mace still on the nutmeg it is really one of the most beautiful natural things in the world. Which do you think cost more the purse or the chicken?


about 5 years ago JennT1981

I guess the best of them come from abroad...the photos are one of a kind, especially the first photo, what a neat looking ...what is it?


about 5 years ago Kelsey Banfield

I love the one from China - chicken and a handbag, so interesting.


about 5 years ago ChefTiki

My favorite is Sara Drower's shot of the roasting green onions in Spain. The subjects (both the exotic onions and the people), the spot-on composition and the beautifully muted colors (except for those awesome red hats), make it easy for the photo to transport me to another place and time.


about 5 years ago raspberryeggplant

Oh, definitely the one of the man with the chicken and red purse! The others are nice, but this one really tells a story and . The closeups of fruit and crostini are nice photos, but they don't tell me very much about where the person was when the photo was taken. I actually took a photo of rambutan on my desk at work the other day that looks like the one above - I walked two blocks to Chinatown and bought some, but that's not travel!


about 5 years ago BadgerBakery

I like Man with Chicken and Red Purse, for the reams it says, in one shot, about a different (non-American) relationship with food. And the Drower photo of Calcotada because the composition is beautiful, with the smoke lending a slightly sinister pall over the scene.


about 5 years ago LindaB

Sarah Drower's Spain picture definitely makes me want to travel!


about 5 years ago WinnieAb

I love the photo by Paul Joseph, and the one of the man with the chicken is awesome, too.

the one of the ma


about 5 years ago mrslarkin

Mrs. Larkin is a trusted source on Baking.

I like smoking onions. I mean, I like the picture of the smoking onions. And I love the dude with the pocketbook and chicken. Hope we get to see more U.S. pictures in the next batch.


about 5 years ago nannydeb

The China picture is the best! Though the pictures of the markets in Bhutan and Istanbul are beautiful.


about 5 years ago Rhonda35

Gotta love the shot from China - where is that man going with his chicken and his pretty handbag? That's my favorite from this round. I also love the one from Spain - I can "taste" those smoky caldecots (is that the right word for the spring onions?) Third favorite is the shot of the nutmeg - how gorgeous are those little nuggets? - they look like beads.


about 5 years ago aargersi

Abbie is a trusted source on General Cooking.

Wow, people have taken some really amazing photos ... what are those things that PaulJoseph photographed with the shiny red caul thing, is that nutmeg? Very cool.