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Wonder Fries

By • December 5, 2013 • 7 Comments

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Wonder Fries by vvvanessa

WHO: vvvanessa is a Food52-er, recreational baker, and one of the minds behind the blog Hungreem. WHAT: These can be a snack, or a side, or your entire brunch. Just don’t expect to have leftovers. HOW: Fingerling potatoes are boiled first, gently smashed, fried, and then drizzled with miso mayonnaise and sharp green onions. WHY WE LOVE IT: Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside, these are potatoes of our dreams. The miso mayo is truly essential -- so don't skimp.
Wonder Fries

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Take this time to prepare yourself -- these fries are going to be insane.

Wonder Fries

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Cut your fingerlings into roughly equal sizes, and boil to just short of done.

Wonder Fries

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While that's happening, make your miso mayo.

Wonder Fries

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Yes, miso mayo. This stuff is almost as key as what you'll do next.

Wonder Fries

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Squash the potatoes! We use the heel of our hand and a dish towel -- you can also use a meat pounder.

Wonder Fries

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Then slip the squashed babies into hot oil.

Wonder Fries

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And wait, patiently.

Wonder Fries

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They're done when they look like this. Now eat all of them -- you deserve it.

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3 months ago Lizziemac69

This didn't work as well as I'd hoped. I think it was a potato-specific issue. When I can find the fingerlings at the Farmer's Market, I think these will be spectacular!!


6 months ago Kristan

A knockout! This was my first time using miso in any dish --- it was a great taste. I will be making this dish for parties . . . so yummy!


6 months ago Amalie

See original recipe in Apple Annie's comment below: AFTER deep-frying, toss with the miso-mayo dressing. The column above skipped this step.
EDITOR: someone on staff forgot to proofread!


6 months ago Carol

Sounds so yummy (as do all of your recipes!). I love Provisions 52, but I've been ordering way too much and printing recipe after recipe, but I love it! I live using a Rice Bran oil, it has a very high heat limit and does no alter the taste of the ingredients. Really good for you, too! Thanks for brightening my days with your emails! You're super!


8 months ago Rosemary

Perhaps you should make the miso mayo after frying the potatoes as in the original recipe as the ordoer in which the recipe was presented is confusing.


8 months ago abbyarnold

Miso mayo---is there a recipe or just the two ingredients, combined?


8 months ago AppleAnnie

The complete recipe is here: