Amanda's Kids' Lunch

Amanda's Kids' Lunch Gets Freekeh

By • June 14, 2012 • 3 Comments


Today's lunch is straight from the FOOD52 Shop: a freekeh salad with celery, lemon zest, parsley, and young garlic. It's topped with German ham, with Vermont Butter and Cheese Company Camembert and Greek yogurt on the side. A smorgasboard of cultures all in two lunchboxes!

Freekeh is great for kids because it's a starch that not only keeps you fuller, longer, it has nutritional benefits that get lost in other forms of wheat. Let’s put it this way: if Oliver Twist’s porridge had been made of freekeh, he wouldn’t have needed to ask for more. (Walker and Addie like it, too.)

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The New Veganism

A Vegan Primer (and Yes, a Kale Salad)

By • June 14, 2012 • 11 Comments


We're pleased to announce a new biweekly column from the author of the blog Choosing Raw: Gena Hamshaw eats a mostly raw, vegan diet without losing time, money, or her sanity. Let her show you how to make "rabbit food" taste delicious and satisfying every other Thursday on Food52.

Today: It's easy being green -- especially with Gena's raw kale and lentil salad.

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Behind the Scenes

Test Kitchen Top 3: We Did It!

By • June 13, 2012 • 1 Comment


Things were a little touch and go yesterday in the test kitchen -- our beloved test kitchen manager Jennifer was out for the week and we missed her badly! Without her prowess at planning and cooking, we all jumped in to lend a hand with the recipes on deck. Here were our top three moments of the day -- and as always, follow us on Instagram @food52 for more.

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