Cooking From Every Angle

Caramelized Citrus Vinaigrette

November 27, 2009 • 15 Comments



- Amanda

As you may have noticed, we’ve been getting a lot of our recent cooking inspiration from you. In the same autumn salad contest that prompted Merrill’s post on Persimmon Chiffon Pie, there were a couple of dressing recipes that incorporated caramelized fruit. I like citrus-based vinaigrettes but sometimes the flavor is too thin, too faint and ephemeral. So I decided to try caramelizing some citrus before squeezing the juice for the dressing.

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Community Picks

Editors' Picks -- Week 23

November 26, 2009 • 1 Comment


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The Contests

Thanksgiving Photo Challenge

November 26, 2009 • 11 Comments


Thanksgiving may be the holiday that most celebrates home cooks, and we'd love to see how you pull it all together! So, we present the Thanksgiving Photo Challenge. To participate, tell the story of your Thanksgiving through pictures of the experience. They can be of anything -- the food, the people, the table, the details. Choose your 10 best (include captions if you'd like), and send them to [email protected] by 6PM EST on Sunday, November 29. We'll look through them all, choose our three favorite collections, and post them as slideshows to the site. We'll then open up the comments for votes on everyone's favorite, and the winner will receive a food52 tote bag. We can't wait to see your Thanksgivings!

*Before submitting photos, be sure to tell your friends and family that they may appear in your slideshow.

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Cooking From Every Angle

Persimmon Chiffon Pie

November 24, 2009 • 11 Comments



- Merrill

Last week, several of the Autumn Salad submissions contained persimmons, which got us thinking about this distinctive fall fruit, known by the ancient Greeks as the "fruit of the Gods." There are two main types of persimmons available in the United States: one is firm when ripe, and the other is soft. Fuyu persimmons, which are round and squat like a tomato, are the most common variety of firm-ripe, or "non-astringent" persimmon found in this country; these are typically sliced and eaten raw. Hachiya persimmons, a popular soft-ripe (or "astringent") variety, are longer and more pointed, and they're ready to eat when the flesh of the fruit softens to the consistency of jelly. It is this second type that you should look for when a recipe calls for "persimmon pulp," which is just a fancy term for the soft flesh of an astringent persimmon after it has been scooped from its skin.


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Cooking From Every Angle

Thanksgiving 911

November 24, 2009 • 121 Comments



In order to help you get ready for what is arguably the most important meal of the year, we're dedicating this entire week to all things Thanksgiving. We'll post featured recipes that we think would be great on any Thanksgiving table, and we'll ask you to share some tricks of the trade as well. Today, to kick things off, we're opening up the lines to any and all questions you may have for us about cooking for Thanksgiving. Need to know the right proportions for brining a turkey? Always wondered what the difference is between sweet potatoes and yams? Just post your questions in the comments section below, and we'll answer each and every one. And if we don't know the answer ourselves, we'll find someone who does and report back!

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Cooking From Every Angle

Thanksgiving Wine Recommendations

November 24, 2009 • 6 Comments



Last week a few of you asked what sort of liquid libation we'd recommend to go with the Thanksgiving turkey. As luck would have it, Chambers Street, our wine partner, has put together a list just for us. Below you'll find a selection of wines (featuring an assortment of colors and price points) singled out by Chambers Street as ideal pairings for Thanksgiving fare. The best part? If you click through and use the promotional code "food52" you can order all of these wines -- and more -- from Chambers Street for a 10% discount!

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Serious Eats | Thanksgiving Talk With Amanda and Merrill

November 23, 2009 • 0 Comments


Serious Thanksgiving

"Each week Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs host recipe contests revolving around specific foods (everything from pancakes to lamb) on their site Food52. After testing the recipes, they announce the two tastiest finalists and the community votes on the winner. Naturally, they've been focusing on Thanksgiving lately. Elbow-deep in stuffing preparation, they paused to chat with us and share some of their favorite recipes for Thanksgiving sides, including celeriac puree, glazed brussels sprouts with browned butter and cream, potato leek au gratin, and pink greens." - Erin Zimmer

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