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Amanda's Kids' Lunch

Amanda's Kids' Lunch

By • April 20, 2012 • 2 Comments


Lots of green in Walker and Addie's lunches these days. Amanda describes one of her warm-weather standards:

My springtime cheat: artichokes, asparagus, and peas. I use frozen artichoke hearts and peas, mix them in a saucepan with lots of olive oil, thyme, a smashed garlic clove, and salt, then cook them, covered, over medium high heat, just until heated through and any liquid is cooked off. Then I take the lid off, let them cool until just warm, and fold in thinly sliced asparagus. It stays a little crunchy, which I like.

I make a bunch and keep this in the fridge all week, adding lemon juice or sherry vinegar, plus more oil, when serving. Here, I paired it with Moonlight Chaource from The Amazing Real Live Food Co., and triple chocolate espresso cookies for dessert.


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