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Behind the Scenes

Test Kitchen Outtakes: Tiny Interns, Big Messes

By • April 3, 2013 • 1 Comment

Test Kitchen Outtakes: Tiny Interns, Big Messes

Our test kitchen tends to get hectic. We do our best to run a tight ship, but we're often prepping, cooking, and shooting multiple dishes at once; we're like a troupe of unicyclists trying to juggle swords while taming a lion or two. In other words, we'll take all the help we can get. 

This week, we took on a temporary intern and did our best to keep our messes contained -- or at least out of sight. See our favorite outtakes from the week, and follow us on Instagram for more.

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Recipe Writing Week

Our Ten Favorite 6 Word Recipes

By • July 4, 2012 • 0 Comments

Our Ten Favorite 6 Word Recipes

As part of our Recipe Writing Week, we asked you all to condense your recipe brilliance into 6 words. It’s not an easy task, but you far surpassed our expectations. As promised, we’re posting our ten favorites and their authors -- these are the ones that made us laugh, made our mouths water, and made us want to jump in the kitchen. That instant. Thank you to everyone who sent a tweet our way! Here’s to great recipes, both long at short, and the inspiration that our community constantly provides.

We're off to light our grills, stir our cocktails, and watch things explode in the sky, (and we hope you are too), so forgive us for being a little slow around here today. Have a lovely, patriotic Fourth of July, and we'll see you back here full speed ahead tomorrow.

1. Fry rice + scallions +egg + kimchi = lunch! @fiveandspice

2. My favorite toast: sourdough, avocados, evoo, pistachios, flaky salt. @NotDerbyPie

3. Pick. Slice. Salt. Heirlooms for breakfast. @happyolks

4. Roast chicken. Sauce: port, cream, mushrooms. @PBSFood

5. Pour off milk, drink chocolate sludge. @tomHirschfeld

6. Roux. Aromatics. Broth. Shrimp. Over Rice. @blreiss

7. Graham cracker, marshmallow, dark chocolate, campfire = s'more @cettedrucks

8. Freeze mint lemonade, scrape! scrape! scrape! @thesmitten

9. Vanilla ice cream. Strawberries. Balsamic vinegar. @Tutti_Dolci

10. Glass. Bourbon. Pour. Neat. Ah, Friday. @gingerroot808

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