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Kickstarter Love: The Boxcar Grocer

By • July 25, 2012 • 0 Comments

Kickstarter Love: The Boxcar Grocer

Each week in Kickstarter Love, Feed52 will feature a Kickstarter project that focuses on food and the community. Basically, it’s about cool people doing cool things with food. This week, an inventive new grocery store in Atlanta, GA. 

Convenience stores typically aren't much to write home about, but the The Boxcar Grocer in Atlanta, GA is redefining what a convenience store can be. They're making the convenice store a socially conscious, locally focused community center stocked with products that are healthy for their customers and their community. Sounds like just the type of convenience store we'd like to shop at!

After careers in fashion retail, nightclub management and working in a wine bar, brother-sister team Alphonso and Alison came together to open The Boxcar Grocer in hopes of providing a better grocery option to a community overlooked by traditional retailers. The two have their hands full stocking their shelves with all-natural products, offering prepared sandwiches and working with the community, but they don't want to stop there. They have plans to start a Pop Food program, which they describe as "an innovative farmer's market style food court located inside our store," as well as expand their inventory, and bring in a greater variety of fresh produce. And they're committed to opening three more stores in food desserts by 2014.

Sounds to us like Alison and Alphonso have their hands full with some exciting projects. Why not check out their Kickstarter page and see how you can help out! 

The Boxcar Grocer from Kickstarter 

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