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David Ellner, founder of the Panna Cooking App (and a Giveaway!)

By • January 8, 2013 21 Comments

David Ellner, founder of the Panna Cooking App (and a Giveaway!)

We're sitting down with our favorite writers and cooks to talk about their upcoming cookbooks, their best food memories, and just about anything else

Today: David Ellner of the cooking app Panna talks with us about his new video-cooking magazine.

The best products come from frustrated consumers. And so is the story of David Ellner, a home cook who became frustrated by not knowing if his dishes, made from cookbooks by chefs, were coming out exactly as they were intended to. There is much more to it -- the fact that he has a background rooted in the music industry, his work on American Idol -- but this story circles back to that one frustration. His solution? To make an app for that. Panna is what resulted -- and praise for it is spreading almost as quickly as artisanal chocolate and small-batch kombucha have in Brooklyn. In what is referred to as the first video-cooking magazine, iPad-owners are invited inside the kitchens of well-known chefs (Anita LoRick Bayless, among many) for a cooking lesson.

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