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5 Questions

Adam Roberts, Amateur Gourmet and Author of Secrets of the Best Chefs

By • December 11, 2012 • 0 Comments


We're sitting down with our favorite writers and cooks to talk about their upcoming cookbooks, their best food memories, and just about anything else.

Today: Adam Roberts catches up with us over a virtual cup of coffee.

If you've ever opened an internet browser with a food blog as your destination, chances are you're well acquainted with Adam Roberts. He's been blogging as the Amateur Gourmet since 2004 -- he's a veteran at this point, a wise cook, toeing the line between amateur and full-on professional. 

His recent publication of Secrets of the Best Chefs: Recipes, Techniques, and Tricks from America's Greatest Cooks is only further evidence of his skill, and of our inkling that Roberts long graduated from the kitchen fumblng his title might suggest. 



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Recipe Writing Week

Introducing Pearls of Wisdom: Ruth Reichl

By • June 25, 2012 • 4 Comments


Introducing Pearls of Wisdom -- in conjunction with FOOD52's Recipe Writing Week, we'll be bringing you pro tips from the food world's best chefs and writers. Stay tuned for more every day this week at 11:00 AM.

Today, we're kicking off our recipe advice mini-series Pearls of Wisdom with a bang -- that's right, with Ruth Reichl. She hardly needs introduction, but just in case: Reichl is currently the editorial advisor at Gilt Taste, where she writes the "How to Make a Better..." column. She was formerly the restaurant critic at the New York Times and the editor-in-chief of Gourmet Magazine, and has written a host of memoirs and cookbooks. This is all in addition to numerous TV and radio appearances -- oh, and four James Beard awards.

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