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Down & Dirty

Down & Dirty: Pears

By • November 30, 2012 • 8 Comments


Pears are so distinct that the only word we have to describe their shape is "pyriform," which means, literally, "pear-shaped"! They've been cultivated for millennia -- there were pear tree groves in China 3000 years ago -- and there are thousands of varieties, many of them decorative or inedible. In the US, you'll find about 10 common varieties, among them Comice, Anjou, Bartlett, Seckel, and Bosc.


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Aw Snaps: Bartlett Pears

By • September 7, 2012 • 2 Comments



Every week our friends at Real Time Farms feature the top photos of farms, food artisans, and farmers markets shared on their site.

Pear season has begun! A vendor at the Mission Bay Farmers' Market in San Francisco, California shows off an enticing pile of Bartlett pears. Click here to see more, and then add a photo of your own - you might be featured here next week!


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