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A question about a recipe: Chaat Masala Mixed Nuts

I have a question about the ingredient "dry chaat masala" on the recipe "Chaat Masala Mixed Nuts" from vvvanessa.

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vvvanessa added over 2 years ago
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chaat masala is an indian spice blend that is a mix of mango powder (amchoor), cumin, coriander, indian black salt, black pepper, ginger, and chile powder. sometimes it has other spices like clove, fennel, mint, or asafoetida. it's readily available at indian markets. if you google search it, you'll find recipes for you to make your own.

i hope that helps.

Panfusine added over 2 years ago

Most Indian stores have about 2-3 different brands.. By far the best one is MDH from Delhi, a well balanced blend that's easy on the chile pepper heat.

susan g added over 2 years ago


I'm no judge, but this looks like a good source for information and recipes.

belarosa added over 2 years ago

Thank You this gave me some other ideas for chaat masala. belarosa

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