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What food should I bring on a transatlantic flight?

I'm going to Paris in a week and a half, and I want to start my trip off right! What are the best sandwiches, snacks and small bites to bring on a flight? Which breads hold up best, if at all? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

asked by AJerusalemArtichoke about 4 years ago
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the blogger Orangette has a wonderful post about homemade airplane food:
Both recipes are delicious, and can definitely be varied to your own taste.
The one thing to keep in mind is not to bring anything that can be construed as liquid--avoid things like yogurt, hummus, etc. Salads are good, but only if they can hold up to being dressed in advance, because you won't be allowed to bring a separate tub of dressing through security. i.e. leafy greens are probably not best, but grains and roasted veggies and the like are great.
Amanda Hesser even had a NYT Mag column about this subject years ago:
Have a wonderful trip!

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A nice isreali couscous or quinoa salad with nuts, craisins, fine diced squash with a curry-tumeric vinagrette is flavorful, packs easily, is shelf stable and filled with healthy antioxidants and anti-immflamatories. Go easy on the salt in your dressing....


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I agree with going easy on the salt, but with everything (dehydration, muscle cramps). Stay hydrated so you can bounce off the plane and be ready to enjoy! Have fun!

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For morning flights, I make a nice egg salad and put in a tupperware on top of some greens. Pick up a nice crossaint and you can make a little sandwich. Bring a chunk of cheese, a piece of sausage, some fruit and a handful of nuts and you'll have a nice little treat.


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Can you even bring cheese on flights now?

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I don't know if international flights would be different, but you can bring a whole pie with you while flying within the US (although they are "subject to additional screening" which I've always assumed means that security wants a bite or two). Maybe not nutritional sound, but surely delicious.
I'm not sure how several pounds of apple pie is safer than a little container of dressing or a jar of jam, but whatever.

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When I flew my friends brought tangerines, it was great, just make sure you have a bag to put the peels in.