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Where can I find malt powder and what is it?

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georgeatplay added over 2 years ago

Malted barley is used to make beer, malt vinegar and other things. In my opinion, its highest and best use is achieved when it's added to a vanilla milkshake to make a vanilla malt -- YUM -- though I'm sure your cookies will be delicious too. For baking, I'm pretty sure you want diastatic malt powder or malt flour. I know they sell it at Whole Foods, and probably at other grocery stores as well.

Nancy Luckhurst added over 2 years ago

Thank you so much! I'm headed to Whole Foods!

georgeatplay added over 2 years ago

Be sure to buy enough to make some vanilla malts. Seriously!

documentngdinnr added over 2 years ago

I use diastatic malt powder when baking bread--it helps bread rise better. I order it from King Arthur Flour. They also sell non-diastatic malt powder, and that's most often used for making bagels. The difference between the two has something to do with enzymes--diastatic has them, and non-diastatic doesn't.

susan g added over 2 years ago

...and you can make your own by sprouting grain (must be whole, esp. barley), drying it, grinding it. I did it once, following an article in Prevention magazine, in the 70's,
Carnation used to sell malt powder that was intended for sodas. I don't think it's available now.

creamtea added over 2 years ago

My mother used to make us that Carnation malted milk growing up. Haven't seen that product in years.

nomnivorous added over 2 years ago

I've actually found, and bought Carnation malt powder at Target in Brooklyn. I've seen plain and chocolate malt ovaltine powder around too. I adore malt in blondies and paired with chocolate in baked goods. So yummy.

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