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Can you freeze brie?

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Sed added over 2 years ago

Yes, you can definitely freeze Brie. If you think about it cheese is on many products that you can freeze, like pizza for example.

lloreen added over 2 years ago

If it is a good quality brie, no. That would pretty much kill the wonderful ripe, runny quality. This is why a cheese seller in France will ask you when you plan to eat your cheese in order to select the best one. If it is a plastic-wrapped hard block from Cost-co or somethings, I guess so. You could use frozen brie on pizzas or something as Sed pointed out.

Chefbaltz added over 2 years ago

diddo! if it's the commercial stuff they sell at grocery stores, go for it, but the texture will be a tad different. if it's nice brie, do not freeze it. if you have just bought too much good brie or you're "over-brie'd" then go ahead and freeze....BUT know that you will not have the same texture as before. as others have said, you can grate the frozen good brie (or any frozen brie) over pizza or pasta or canapes or crostini's or any garnish or topping.

Honeybee added over 2 years ago

Please don't freeze Brie. The French are crying.

LucyS added over 2 years ago

While I agree that the texture might be affected, don't let people make you feel lousy if you need to freeze it. I grew up (partly) in extremely rural southern Africa and we only got fresh veg shipped up around once a week. On the big monthly or so trips to town, we'd get tons of meat and cheese and freeze it. It might not be ideal, but if it's something you need to do I can say from experience that it will taste just fine.

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