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How do you speed up thawing a frozen turkey

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meganvt01 added over 2 years ago
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Put it under constantly circulating cool water.

Cookie16 added over 2 years ago

Alton Brown I believe says to do a very very slow ( barely streaming) cold water ... I'd heard this before but he was one to confirm it.

SKK added over 2 years ago

This question was asked awhile ago and the consensus was to put it in a bucket in the bathtub and run cold - not warm or hot - over it constantly until it thaws. And do not stuff it. Meganvt01 is right on.

Bil,Walker added over 2 years ago

I tried Alton Browns method this year and it is by far the quickest. Details on foodnetwork.com. It can also be done by submerging it and draining and refilling every hour or so. The constant surface contact is the trick.

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