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Looking for a simple, but new, appetizer to serve my mentor who is coming over for dinner, any ideas? Trying to avoid the cheese and crackers

The rest of the menu includes Caesar salad, homemade raviolis with a tomato based sauce and thyme gougeres (a cheesy puffed pastry).

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java&foam added over 2 years ago

hmm, with the exception of the gougeres, it seems to be leaning towards an italian menu. you could always make crostinis:

with thyme pesto and lemon cream http://food52.com/recipes...

with roasted carrot and creme fraiche


you could embrace the french aspect of the gougeres and balance it would with tapenade somehow....i have seen tapenade scooped with endive leaves that might be nice.


i also think with the italian theme, if you know they eat meat...this would be a great chance to get some prosciutto in there....like some melon or asparagus or figs or dates wrapped in it and then roasted until nice and crispy. god...i could go for some of that right now. I personally am leaning towards this the most since it would be a nice light start to your meal and make sure people still have room to enjoy the work you put into those homemade raviolis!

hope this helps...best wishes for a successful and memorable dinner party!

Colin Andries added over 2 years ago

Thanks those are great ideas! The gougeres are from the October bon appetit, they are French in nature but would go with many different cuisines. Thanks again!

sexyLAMBCHOPx added over 2 years ago

I've been making these for years, http://www.epicurious.com... or

Colin Andries added over 2 years ago

I just looked that up and it sounds divine. Thanks!

SDFOOD added over 2 years ago

A couple simple recipes using crostini and making spreads.
1- ricotta with lemon zest salt pepper to taste
2- whizz up dried figs and anchovies on a food processor

java&foam added over 2 years ago

here are two more appetizer ideas, straight from italy...and they both use puff pastry...which is sure to impress.

olive tapenade spirals and sun-dried tomato/parmesan bites


pinaycusinera added over 2 years ago

Some good quality prosciutto, olives, cheese, and crostini sound like the ticket.

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