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A question about a recipe: Spatchcocked and Braise-Roasted Chicken

I am currently in a rented kitchen, where I only have a pan and a glass casserole dish. I was thinking of cutting up the chicken and coloring the pieces in the pan before transferring to the casserole/oven? I am also 1000m above sea level, if that matters in the cooking. I am wondering how I should adjust the cooking time/any other adjustments?

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Sadassa_Ulna added over 2 years ago

I can't open the recipe - there might be a broken link on the website. Joy of Cooking (my go to cooking reference) has several recipes using chicken quarters or pieces that cook for about 45 minutes (after browning in a skillet) at 350 degrees F. Joy says no adjustment for high-altitude meat cooking up to 7000 feet. Good luck, I hope you found your answer....


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added over 2 years ago

It's also broken for me -- looking into this now. But to answer, or partially answer, your question -- your idea to brown the chicken and transfer to the casserole is a good idea. As for time/temp and sea level, I'm not sure. There have been a lot of sea level cooking questions lately, and we will make sure we find someone who can answer these important questions. Thanks for your patience -- and hope you like the recipe!

SKK added over 2 years ago

Although I now live at sealevel, I have lived 5000 ft. to 10,000 ft altitude and the only adjustments that have to be made are in baking and canning.

Enjoy your chicken!

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