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How do you store banana bread? Fridge or outside, or bread bin?

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Stephanie G added over 2 years ago

I keep it just like a cake...tightly wrapped or in my cake stand on the counter.

Sed added over 2 years ago

We place it in a fruit bowl with a fruit net over it to keep fly's away. I'd say a bread bin would work also. Fridge ruins a banana, brown bags make them ripen faster.

LornaFarris added over 2 years ago

I agree with Stephanie! Storing any kind of baked good in the fridge makes it go stale faster. If you want to save it for a long time you can freeze it and pull it out later...

Ginny,Brubaker added over 2 years ago

Just go ahead and cover it with foil. Baked goods should not be refridged unless it calls for it.

susan g added over 2 years ago

How long do you think you'll be keeping it? If it's a day or two and your storage area is cool, I would feel safe keeping it out. However, a typical banana bread is very moist, so if you store it in a warm place and/or too long, it will get moldy, and unsafe to eat. You could cut off part for the first few days, and freeze the rest.

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